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Tags:   Music,   Heavy,   Metal Over Malta

By Johnathan Cilia   -  March 16, 2016

When the sun begins to come out in Malta, you know it's time for metal. With the recent boom in metal themed boat parties, pool parties, and festivals, the upcoming Metal Over Malta festival continues to prove that the metal scene is alive and well in Malta - and it will be shredding the Chateau Buskett a new one once again this week. 

Metal Over Malta 2016 will be hosted by Weeping Silence, who will also be performing, so SWAG caught up with vocalist Diane Camenzuli to find out more about one of the heaviest line-ups this year, which also happens to be headlined by legendary Greek symphonic death metal band Septicflesh.

What is the idea behind Metal over Malta?


Originally this festival was meant to be a small concert between a band we wanted to get in Malta and Weeping Silence (the band that hosts the festival). Then we started receiving a lot of applications from both local and foreign bands to play in the concert. I guess the idea of the festival emerged from there.


Metal over Malta Festival offers the occasion of an intimate indoor festival to supporters of both the local and foreign bands playing. Maltese followers of metal will be able to see internationally acclaimed  bands on the small island of Malta, without having to travel and pay a lot of money. Furthermore, it is an amazing holiday experience to the many people coming from abroad. This year we are having people coming from many different countries including Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, US, Malta, Sweden, Slovenia, and UK.


What has changed from the event held last year?


This year, the festival will be held on two days, the 18th and 19th of March, instead of one day like last year. We are having a larger number of local and foreign bands playing. The location will be the same –  Chateau Buskett.


What do you think of the local music scene in general?


To be honest, lately I have been impressed by the superb music events being organised on the island. Here I’m not talking about metal music only. People seem to be becoming more keen on attending events involving non-mainstream music, although the latter, still need to be supported and promoted more. Commercial music is of course popular and night clubbing in Malta remains strong due to the influx of tourists we get every year. However, personally I know many Maltese who are looking for alternative ways to have fun including attending live shows.


What do you think of the Maltese metal scene?


The Maltese metal scene has always been active, moreover,  it seems to be improving and the number of Maltese people attending both local and foreign festivals is on the rise. However, it still has a long way to go. Venues where bands can play are very difficult to find and the bands need to be supported more and their work appreciated more.


We have a lot of amazing bands in Malta which are doing great, even abroad. We always encourage local bands to apply and make sure to include local talent in our festival because we genuinely believe that they are capable of giving a high standard performance.


What genres will be covered in this edition?


The festival will include various bands with different metal genres including symphonic death, gothic doom, atmospheric avante garde, black, gothic rock and progressive metal. From the Maltese scene we will have four bands playing – Weeping Silence, Martyrium, Victims of Creation and Viper Soup Complex. The majority of the bands will be foreign including the two headliners Septicflesh and The Foreshadowing, Apparition, Shores of Null, Until Rain, Eyes Wide Open and Thurisaz. All music will be performed live with DJ Toty playing some cool metal tunes between one band and another.


What do you want to tell people who are thinking of coming to the event?


The level of the festival is high and you can expect a great show. We ensured the bands participating are all of high standard with the majority signed to record labels. Transport will be available to and from the venue. For more information regarding the programme and lineup one can visit www.metalovermalta.com or our social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. Tickets will be available at the door.



The Foreshadowing
Weeping Silence 
Eyes Wide Open
Shores of Null
Victims of Creation
Until Rain
Viper Soup Complex



Door Combi (2-day): 35 euro
Door Friday: 20 euro
Door Saturday: 30 euro
Earlybird & Pre-sale - sold out.
T-Shirt: 15 euro (ltd number available)

Pre-party at Black Gold Saloon Thursday 17th - free

Persons under 17 years of age are not allowed entry to the festival.

Transport provided on both days by Gejxa Garage Malta.
Friday at 18.00hrs & Saturday at 14.30hrs from in front of Bayview Hotel (Gzira) & Phoenicia Hotel (Valletta). Transport back to Bayview Hotel (Gzira) or any locality is also available from the festival at 1.30hrs.
Transport costs 5 euro (both ways).

For more information visit the event page here


Photography by Craig Andrews from Femetalism


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