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By The Swag Team   -  February 25, 2015

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Photo credit:  Allen Venables

SWAG sits down for a chat with the current Ilsien in-Nisa TV star and former Zoo comedy star CLAIRE AGIUS ORDWAY, she of the mesmerising eyes...



Hi Claire! Can you tell us a bit about your education, your career and how you ended up where you are today?


The options I chose at schoo; in Form 3 were languages and art – art being a passion I still have. I then attended sixth form and worked as a civil servant for seven years. I went to University and studied Psychology for two years after I had my first child. This experience helped me decide to take the plunge and make television my full-time job.  


Apart from that I attended the Drama Unit Theatre programme... acting is another passion of mine. I cannot be in a theatre production at the moment due to work commitments and my kids, but it’s one of my priorities on my bucket list – to be in and enjoy every moment of a good production.



Are there any musical, TV or theatre stars that have inspired you and who you try to emulate?


I’m inspired by everything and anything going on around me, not necessarily stars. I observe a lot and many things excite me and fuel my dreams and ideas. But I do love to follow Jimmy Fallon in particular, while Ellen De Generes is my hero. There’s also an Italian presenter who I find is a timeless beauty, Mara Venier. She’s very elegant and I love her confidence on TV. As for acting I love Helena Bonham Carter and Cate Blanchett.



What have been your best achievements in your media career so far?


I am mostly known for Zoo and Ilsien in-Nisa, but my biggest achievements are definitely awards which I won for the programmes I produced. These programmes were about pregnancy, childbirth and bringing up children. Basically I stressed the importance of the first five years of a child’s life and thankfully the work, detail and effort were appreciated. These are memories which I treasure dearly.



Tell us about your current projects and the latest news from your career...


I co-present with the most beautiful sisters and presenters on our island - Clare and Pauline Agius, and I love every minute of being with them, including our weekly brainstorming sessions, our meetings and the programme itself. Apart from this I produce two programmes: Dak li Jghodd and Dak li Jghodd - Teens. The first is a programme about pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing in the first ten years of life and the second is all about parenting and teens. The latter is the newest project and I am loving every minute of it although it is quite challenging. I love researching every subject I discuss and the feedback is overwhelming. 



We’d love to know of any embarrassing stories from your career so far.


I have a lot! But most embarrassing for me was surely a song Chrysander Agius and I performed in one of our Zoo shows. It was a really good song and we were dressed as insects and had been rehearsing it for ages. It was one of the first shows in which we had more than 1000 people present, we were overwhelmed and as soon as we came out we forgot all the words and we stayed humming and looking at each other in utter embarrassment. I wanted to disappear, and we soon did. Luckily the show was a good one and people forgot about it... or choose to forget that part.



Tell us about your ambition and future projects…


This is a good question – I dream a lot and am always thinking and trying to find new things to explore new possibilities, but for now I want to work more on my present projects – Dak li Jghodd – and make them bigger. I am trying to build a network with my website, my Facebook page and programme. We already have a very good database of parents and caregivers, but I am always working for more. Anyone with any difficulty linked to kids and their teenagers could turn to us for any kind of help. I am also working on apps and other ideas to be more accessible to all. 



Who is your ideal man, and what must he do to woo you?


Apart from the obvious – laughs and able to hold a conversation – I really appreciate the sporty type, and my husband fits in the picture. We fight and argue a lot about stupid things, but then we support each other. I’m always into new things like sports, and he never stops me... and that definitely 'woos' me. We do not see eye-to-eye football-wise, he’s a Liverpool fan and I love Manchester United, but we've learnt to live with it!



And what would be your ideal date?


As boring as it may sound, I simply love a pizza night in, watching a good film. We’re always out and about during the week, so we love staying at home. In summer it's the opposite, we‘re out nearly every day, and if we’re in good company we end up staying out very late.

A TV interview featuring Claire recorded in 2013

A TV programme in which Claire featured as a guest

Claire during an edition of Ilsien in-Nisa, a programme she currrently co-presents


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