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By Mila Camilleri   -  February 24, 2015

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SWAG sat down with DANIEL SIMLER, founder of Equilibrium, and chatted about the compelling reason he took the plunge and began DJing, as well as what he's got planned for the future.



When and why did you get into music and DJing?


I was always fascinated by music and sounds from my early childhood. I eventually began my DJing career around nine years ago. Strangely it happened by accident - I mean a real car accident. I was a really shy person back in my teens, and at the time I found it very hard to approach a DJ to begin learning. I remember I was always going to parties and events, and just stood there behind the DJ stand, appreciating what he was doing.


To cut things short, I was involved in a car accident. I was a passenger alongside another two people, and one of my friends got seriously injured. One day while I was visiting her, I met Joseph Armani who happened to be visiting her as well. We began talking and I confessed that I would like to begin learning this art. From that day forward I never looked back.



Who are your favourite artists?


There are a lot to mention... I mean there are artists who I admire and they don’t happen to DJ, although they perform live. These range from different styles, and not just dance music. I admire two very different artists in particular, whose music is very different, and their individual artistic ability is one of a kind. They are Apparat and Guy Gerber.



Tell us about some of your latest and greatest work.


I've had a lot of great work and success in my career and I've performed at many awesome events, both locally and Internationally. I've worked with some of the most established promoters and organisers, and one of the gigs I enjoyed playing most was at a club called The Egg, in London.



How big is the market for your kind of music?


Very big, and not just locally. 



What's been the biggest event you've been involved in?


Locally that has to be Cosa Nostra, and internationally at The Egg and Boiler Room.



Have you met or worked with any top International names?


I've performed with a lot of top names. All the artists had their own unique personality, which is really cool!



What have been your best and worst moments performing so far?


My best moment, without a doubt, was when I performed in London, both at The Egg and at Boiler Room. One of the worst moments has to be while I was performing at a local private party and someone spilled a drink on my CDs, I really freaked out that night! Luckily they weren't damaged and worked well after.



Where will you perform next?


I’m beginning a one-off concept, which I believe is very creative, at a newly refurbished club. I'm also restarting my long time concept called Equilibrium. Through these events I incorporate music, art and entertainment. There are also other guests spots during the weekends which I'm involved in.



What are your hopes, dreams and fears for the future?


At the end of every year I always write down my plans, my hopes and what I would like to do in the following year in my journal. I have a lot of dreams, and I feel blessed that I’m already living some of them. Sometimes on the way to a dream you get lost and find a better one, therefore when I dream about something, when the time is right, I begin to act on it. I always try to be positive and not let any fears interfere with my life. 


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