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By The Swag Team   -  July 05, 2014

We’re sure you’ve heard about metabolism, it is after all one of the things that keeps you alive. But if you're not up to scratch with how to control it, SWAG is here to give you some handy tips on how to speed yours up, seeing as it’s frequently linked to that hot potato of weight management.

First of all, we must point out that getting your metabolism under control won’t make you miraculously lose10 kilos. There’s no getting away from good old healthy eating and getting your bum off that sofa.


Chemical processes are going on in your body 24/7, allowing your organs to function. For this to keep happening, you need to eat. Don’t get carried away and rush off to the nearest McDonald’s thinking ‘but SWAG told me to eat’ now. Yes, eating is important, but we’re sure you know there are things you're supposed to eat to stay healthy.


Calories from food are turned into energy that fuels all the things that go on inside you. The minimum amount of calories you need to live is known as the basal metabolic rate (BMR) or metabolism. This amount depends on your gender and age, as well as physical stature, physical activity and something called thermogenesis (the way you process food). But enough of that: let’s get to the useful stuff.


Normally, you’d look to control or speed up your metabolic rate to lose weight or build muscle. There are plenty of ways you can do this, such as being active, eating clean food (organic, with no pesticides), not missing breakfast, consuming caffeine (green tea, coffee) and foods rich in protein, iron, fiber and vitamin D. 


Starting off your day with a bowl of porridge with almonds is a great way to wake up your body. Eating breakfast gets your metabolism going early on in the day, which means it will work at it’s maximum speed for longer.


Green tea is a good antioxidant and has been shown to increase metabolism. It may also improve the way you process food and produce energy.


The thyroid is an important part of your body’s internal clock – it controls hormones, your metabolic rate and can affect your cells' health Eating foods that contain pesticides and chemicals can slow down your thyroid, which stops your body from working at maximum capacity.


Protein keeps you feeling full for longer because it’s digested at a slower pace than other components like carbs or fats. Your body uses up roughly 10% of the calories you eat to digest food. Since it takes longer to break down protein, your body uses more energy taking in nutrients. Sounds good to us.


Iron-rich foods like lentils, beans, meat and seafood help move oxygen throughout your body. A lack of iron usually results in tiredness, anaemia and a slow metabolism and it’s suggested that having low levels of Vitamin D can result in weight gain. So make sure you eat a portion of dairy, eggs, mushrooms, cod liver oil and beef liver per week. Especially the beef liver, trust us.


If you’re one of the many who don’t enjoy exercise, we don’t blame you, but the benefits you get from being active are unbeatable.


Aerobics and strength training are great ways to burn calories, even if your metabolism isn’t up to speed. If you’re really adamant on not getting a gym membership, help yourself by getting up and walking around at work, washing and vacuuming your car by hand, taking the stairs or doing housework. Muscles use more energy and if you work out enough, you can train your metabolism to work efficiently and burn more calories even on the days you don’t work out – brilliant!


A few other simple tips are: drink plenty of water, don’t under-eat, add chillis to your food, avoid sugar and get enough sleep. Water is a great at flushing out toxins and keeping you hydrated; eating enough calories will give you energy and fuel your body; chillis stimulate the digestive system and contain detoxifying nutrients; too much sugar will cause havoc on your blood sugar levels and insulin production; and sleeping is important because whilst you’re calm and resting your body can focus on digesting.


Come on and admit it, you’ve learned more in the last five minutes from this article than you ever did in science lessons at school. Even if you did get bored halfway through, you could easily head over to the Women category and check out some babes. You couldn’t do that in school… unless your teacher herself was a babe, in which case, you were better off than us.


If you’ve got some tips of your own on how to boost your metabolism, drop us a comment below.


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