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Tags:   Babes,   Relationships

By The Swag Team   -  June 05, 2014

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Our very own sexy agony aunt provides the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the mysteries of the fairer sex. Apart from being the kind of psychotherapist you'd want to lie on a couch for, Olga is in possession of two degrees in the field, so she knows a thing or two about human behaviour. So don't be shy, send in your light-hearted questions, observations and chat up lines for judgement to info@swag.com.mt.

Olga fell in love with Malta when she first came here on holiday as a young teenager around 10 years ago. After she graduated with a first in Psychology from Moscow State University she decided to come here to continue her education at the Gestalt Psychtherapy Therapy Institute Institute of Malta, from where she onbtained her second degree.


We at SWAG nominated her as our resident Bachelor School Mistress as apart from her background in real psychology, she is also a frequent traveller, having visited at least 20 countries, and she’s always in the thick of the action, hanging out with her hot posse, meeting new people and partying hard almost every night. She has turned down more clumsy offers from lovestruck men than you can count and probably experienced every single approach ever thought of.


Of course she’s also accepted a couple of approaches and she's had her fair share of relationships, so she'll be able to cast a well-trained analysing eye on any problem you can think of, as well as save you from uttering any pathetic chat up line you may be thinking of using.


To start things off, SWAG cornered our Miss Behaviour and probed her about the important things in life.


What's been the best chat up line you've ever been approached with? And the worst?


I like simple and generous lines, for example, one I got recently: “You’re probably with someone so I don't want to bother you, but I just want to tell you that you are the most beautiful girl here. Have a nice evening.” From the reaction he receives, a man will know whether to follow up or not...


The worst one… Oh, there’ve been so many! Here’s one of the best: “I'm the most handsome guy in the club, you are the most beautiful girl here, so let's not waste our time and go to a more quiet place.” Guys, don't be so full of yourselves – no woman likes it!


What is the best and the worst thing a man can wear, do and say if he wants to impress you?


The best: wear a nice jacket, bring me flowers and be generous with his compliments. The worst: wear dirty, unironed clothes and saying something stupid like: “Aw, girl, I'm gonna have to put you on my To Do List!”


What's the grandest offer you've ever turned down from a man trying to impress you? And why?


One guy offered me a big sum of money to have sex with him. And because he offered me a sum of money to have sex with me.


Are first impressions always important?


Not always, women are not static and can change their opinion about a person.


Why do women play so many games before and during relationshps? Why can't they be direct?


We play games to show a man how unreachable, mysterious and difficult we are – like that you men will never stop wanting us. During the relationship most women stop playing games so much, but sometimes we still do in order not to become too transparent and boring. As for being direct, we can't be because every woman constantly dreams of finding that perfect guy who will understand her needs and wishes without her having to say anything. That makes us feel important and loved. That's why we hint – we give you a chance to be that man.


How many pairs of shoes and dresses do you have that you've never worn or only worn once?


Too many, I can’t count them.


Should a man share all his fantasies with his woman or is there a limit to how kinky a woman can be?


Some women can accept any of their men's fantasies, but they are in the minority. Most women can be easily hurt with what seems pretty innocent to the majority of men. So before sharing your secret desires make sure you know your woman well enough and possibly test her a bit in that field.


What type of celebrities should normal men aspire to be like?


I'm really not into celebrities, but I guess someone classy, George Clooney, for instance.


What are the ultimate fashion disasters men make?


Low pants that show off underwear. 


What's your ideal date night and holiday?


The first thing that comes to mind is a nice dinner in a classy restaurant followed by a fine bottle of wine on a yacht. One guy took me out on an amazing first date once… he rented a private jet and took me to dinner in Italy returning that same night. That was… pleasant. My ideal holiday is staying at a beautiful 5-star beach resort in an exotic country.

What's the most unusual place you've kissed a man?


I can’t imagine any place on Earth that can be considered unusual for kissing.


Does size matter?


It does! Until a woman is in love – then she doesn't care!




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