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By Johnathan Cilia   -  January 08, 2016

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Supernova model Gaby Curmi has been spotted recently on catwalks and in photo shoots in no small part due to her fabulous, recognisable hair and height. SWAG had a chat with the 22-year-old University graduate to see what makes her tick.


I graduated from a B.A Hons. in Tourism Studies in 2014 from the University of Malta and have been working in a five star hotel ever since. I currently hold the position of a Sales Executive where my role is to sell and organise local and foreign events, ranging from conferences to gala dinners, with a specialisation in weddings.


I consider myself to have been quite the nerd throughout primary and secondary school, where my sole intention was getting good grades and graduating to pursue my dream of being a successful working woman. I enjoyed my days at Junior College and University, and I also spent one year studying abroad in the UK, which was a great experience.


One person who inspired me from the start is Tyra Banks. Not only is she an amazing model to date, but she has also managed to make a name for herself in various other industries resulting in her becoming a top entrepreneur. Another inspiration is the one and only Queen B (Beyonce'). I truly admire women who can do it all, make a name for themselves, and be successful in everything they do, but most importantly stay humble and always keep in mind their core values.


In my spare time I actually like to work out at the gym. Not that I have a lot of free time right now, however I always try my best to go to a class or two. I also look forward to my weekends off to go out meet my friends and party a little!


Some of the proudest moments throughout my modelling career include winning the Supernova Model Competition, modelling twice abroad in the UK at Clothes Show Live and winning The Best Female Model Award 2013 at the most prestigious fashion event in Malta, which forms part of the Malta Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I’ve also modelled for famous designers, which include Jean Fares, Eymeric Francois & Peter Lagner, together with top designer brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Blumarine and Armani, to name a few.


I think the most prominent feature (apart from being 5’11) that has shaped my modelling career is my natural, big, curly hair. I used to hate it when I was young, however, now I’ve learnt to embrace it and make it work.


Embarrassing moments happen at every show, backstage, so you get used to them and stop considering them as embarrassing any more. It could be not fitting in a dress, breaking a heel before going on stage, or running around in underwear without noticing that there is a camera filming…


My ideal man must first and foremost be supportive of my ambitions in life, know how to make me laugh, be easy to talk to, honest, sporty and muscular, and also a love for food is a must! I’m not asking for much right? Hahaha!!


I’m not that fussy about dates to be honest, they can be any time, any place. I consider myself to be quite a foodie so good food and a bottle of wine will always put me in a good mood. The important thing when on a date is to just be you and see if there is that instant spark…the rest will sort itself out.


If I wasn’t modelling I would nevertheless follow the fashion industry closely as it is part of who I am. I am not a creative person, however with modelling I get to show the little creativity that I have. If modelling wasn’t in the picture, I would probably focus on dancing or swimming (I used to train in both for a couple of years).


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