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By Johnathan Cilia   -  January 07, 2016

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One part of the infamous FDM crew, representing dubstep and British bass music on our isles since they first heard in Malta, VOLUME A let’s us know about his musical journey thus far. 

When and why did you get into music and DJing?

I got into music at the age of 16, I just had this feeling I needed to do more than just listen to music.


Who are your favourite artists and why?

Distance will always be my number one idol; I've followed him since day one. Distance always had this metal vibe in his music, and since I was just coming out of my death metal and metal days he really gave me a different taste of music, which still had the guitar element. Thelem is a producer I really love at the moment, every release that guy does is top notch music. I love the way he can create amazing music no matter the tempo.


What about your live show?

When it comes to playing live, it’s been an amazing experience till now I must say! I’ve played almost everywhere in Malta. There’s always ups and downs as in sometimes I might have five months full of bookings and then like half a year of nothing...unless we throw a party ourselves that is…


Is music your full-time job?

Well at the moment I can say it is becoming my full time job, between having a crew here and producing music. It takes a lot of hard work and time. Along with my partners Matthew Mizzi and Neil Fenech we’ve been pushing the bass scene in Malta for more then six years. I can say our hard work paid off as now we have a name. 2016 is going to be a massive year for bass music from the FDM crew 


Tell us about the sort of music you produce?

Well my music productions is mostly based on my emotion, I love to stick to my original style which is dark music, but I can alternate and make a very chill song to; as I said I love doing music according to my mood. Last year I also got signed to 3 labels; Silent Motion, SUB: LVL AUDIO, and Subworld Audio) I have also released free downloads with other promoters on the Internet. I have a couple of further release coming out this year.


How big is the market for your kind of music?

Worldwide it is a massive genre that is still going strong, but there is still a lack of education on what dubstep really is.


What has been the biggest event you have been involved in?

Well that’s pretty hard to say, but I enjoy every event I play in, as long as the crowd is vibing. But I must add that the Outlook Festival launch party which we hosted here had a special vibe. Especially being on a boat where the whole crowd is constantly on the dance floor and the other artists are over and bouncing to your set. At one point Neil was rapping over my set, and I saw (British DJ) Tunnidge dancing away, gun fingers in the air.


Have you met or worked with any top names?

I have worked with artists from abroad (USA, New Zealand and Europe) on music production. Apart from doing FDM events, and hosting the Outlook Festival launch party here in Malta, we have brought the likes of Kahn, Tunnidge, Geode, Square Wave, Sukh Knight, Thelem and LX One over which made us develop a nice friendship with these artists.


What would you say is one the thing that gets the crowd hyped?

The progression of a set is very important for me; I try to build a story for the crowd, which generates vibe.


What’s the fastest way to lose a dance floor?

Making no sense in your set.


Where will you perform next?

Alongside Leon Switch on the 13th February at Stardust in Sliema, it's going to be wicked. 

Check out Volume A's Soundcloud page here
Check out Volume A's upcoming show with Leon Switch here 


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