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By Johnathan Cilia   -  December 21, 2015

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Resident Havana 808 DJ and hip hop and trap producer Daniel Borg AKA SICONIX has recently signed some tracks to a foreign label. SWAG sat down with him to see what is next for the hardworking DJ.


When and why did you get into music and DJing?


I started around four years ago. While working on a production I got to meet a manager who ran a club in Paceville, who had an interest in me playing there. I told him I was not a DJ as such, as I was only working on producing music, yet he still wanted me to give it a shot and I did. Plus, I thought I could use the income for production equipment. I borrowed a controller from a good friend of mine and couple of wires, and started practicing at least 6 hours everyday in the studio and in the club. I started playing within a month.


Who are your favourite artists and why?


I like different artists for different types of music. My favorite producers and DJs are Mike Will Made It, the producers from MMG, UZ, TroyBoi, Hucci, Zaytoven, Scott Storch and Dr. Dre. I like the way these guys express themselves in their production. All of them have a clear signature style and show where they are from. 


What can you tell us about your shows and the clubs you work with?


I am a resident DJ at Havana 808 and I do play at Havana as well. During the year there are many parties going on, like the Overboard Boat Party (which we’ve done for the last two years), the Project H tour, and gigs with Maltese artists who I produce music for, like Digby


Do you have a job apart from music?


Yes, I have another full time job. However, I try to spend as much time as possible working on producing and DJing.


Do you find a conflict between your DJing and your other job?


I have to admit, it is not always easy to combine day and night jobs; I do not really have enough chance to sleep properly especially during the summer and festive winter seasons. However, if you want to accomplish something in your life you need to set your priorities and go for it. You know what they say - work hard, play hard.


Tell us about your shows and the station you're on.


I’ve been doing a weekly hip hop mix for Vibe FM, for about two years now. It’s on every Wednesday at 6:45pm.


Tell us about your latest projects.


I produce hip hop, RnB, twerk, trap, RnB pop, and rap beats. In the past I used to produce quite a lot of music for Maltese singers, and once I won the Summer Hit Song contest myself with a song that I produced, wrote lyrics for and sang, along with another singer. At the moment I am working mainly on trap music and hip hop beats for upcoming Maltese artists who I feel have potential. Their type of lyrics and style go very well with my beats. I am about to release a trap song called ‘Drugz in da Club,’ on CTR (Cross Trap Records). I have more plans for releasing songs with Maltese and foreign rappers, as well as working with foreign producers.


How big is the market for your kind of music?


I think hip hop music is quite likable on the island and this is what makes more and more clubs and people play it. However, I do not know that many people who work on it as seriously as I do. I personally see myself in a competition; however, I will always be looking forward to collaborate with other artists.


What was the biggest event you have been involved in?


The Project H and Trap-D series of events I did were well received and popular, and were very important in my career.


Have you worked with any foreign producers?


I had an opportunity to work on some productions with a foreign producer, a Dutch producer called Bazzabeats. He is very good from a technical standpoint, and I think we have good chemistry, we understand how we both work and what each of us want from the music.


What would you say is one thing that hypes up any crowd?


The energy of the DJ. The crowd feels you. If you believe in what you do, you’ve got your people.


What’s the fastest way to lose a dancefloor?


Keeping the crowd is not about playing what you prefer to listen to. I watch people in the club, how they react to every song I play. In this way I can know what they like and what turns them up.


What have been your best and worst moments performing so far?


As far as bad experiences go, I can’t really remember any big fails. Just the usual stuff that happens to nearly every artist and performer, like the sound going off because of an electricity cut or whatever…


Where will you perform next?


This month I’m busy because of the Christmas holidays. I’ll be performing practically daily at 808 with different events and different DJs over the coming weeks.



Check out his mixes, remixes, and original tracks at his Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages.



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