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By The Swag Team   -  November 18, 2015

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Photo credit:  Daniel Coppini

SWAG had a chat with 20-year old Alexandra Hyzler. Focused on furthering her advertising and television career, as well as her education, Alexandra is an outgoing young woman with a background in dance. Having started ballet at age three, she continued with jazz and hip-hop for a further 10 years. A self-proclaimed adventure junkie, Alexandra is always open to new opportunities that could improve her collection of memories. 


I first appeared on TVM when I was around 13 years old dancing for a show representing a dance school. I also took part in television adverts at a young age, including Miracle Foods and Middle Sea Insurance. I always enjoy taking pictures and being in front of the camera. I took part in many catwalks at a young age for brands like Adams, Okaidi, United Colours of Benetton, Nilara, Ribelli Jeans and more. 


However, as time passes, I tend to only take part in photoshoots with the occasional catwalk here and there, rather than being a catwalk model. I've never signed any contracts, so I can call myself a freelance model. In doing so, I represented make up artists (Make up by Chloe, Sandra DeGaetano), hair stylists, photographers like Noella Agius and Daniel Coppini and also fashion brands in photoshoots.


Today, I've found myself taking part in loads of promotional jobs representing companies here in Malta. Honestly, I prefer these types of media jobs such as television, adverts and promotions because it lets me express my outgoing personality more than any photoshoot or catwalk job.


I’m obsessed with popstars like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Beyonce. Not only are they talented, they’re also complete naturals at what they do and keep people listening to them over and over again, no matter how many years pass. I still find myself listening to JLo’s first albums. She’s definitely an idol. I’m also inspired by the Maltese models that take part in shows such as Miss World Malta, for all their dedication and hard work to represent our country.


I would say my achievements are appearing on television and the exposure I got from starting young because it helped me meet many people and connect with the media teams. I wish I had more opportunities nowadays to be on television but no opportunities have come up for now. I may be most ‘well known’ for being outgoing in what I do, so people depend on me when doing promotional jobs to attract customers and potential clients. Also to ensure that they're having a good time and become interested in the product or service being promoted.


My most recent hostessing and promotions this summer topped everything off. My favourite experience happened this year - I was asked to hostess the stars which came here for Isle of MTV in July. I got to ‘look after’ the artists and DJs such as Martin Garrix and Jason Derulo, party with them and make sure they had a good time here in Malta. I also hostessed for Bob Sinclar during his party here at Café del Mar this Summer thanks to G7 events. I definitely enjoyed these celebrity-related jobs the most.


I definitely goof around whilst filming adverts on TV but at least those can be edited! During the Middle Sea Insurance advert, we had to run across the camera on the grass of the Marsa Sports Club and after the second attempt of running, I tripped in my skirt and fell flat on my face. Rather typical of me, but I got up and got it right in the end. Also, during the Miracle Foods advert, I was sitting at a table as a daughter of the family being featured, and we had to eat a variety of foods. However, I just couldn’t stop giggling and of course, it’s difficult trying to stay serious and not giggle at times, especially with food in your mouth.


When it comes to ambitions, my first goal is to achieve my masters degree in Law. I love studying as far as my ambitions are concerned. However, as for my social life and hobbies, I would really love to take up more advertising, possibly in magazines and also television. I also intend to carry on dancing and taking part in more shows. After attending Stage Coach and many dance schools such as classes at Tanja Bajona, Brigitte Gauci Borda, YADA and Fiona McNamara, it would be a pity to give it all up.


My ideal man would have to be someone who makes me laugh often, someone who can put up with my crazy outbursts and not make me feel stupid. Therefore, as much as a man should be serious at times and respectful, I need someone to have a good time with. I love to love, so I must feel very loved in return, after all, the right man should love his woman in all the right ways. I’m definitely wooed if he is not only a gentleman, but also smart, hard working and athletic. Fortunately, I've found all these characteristics in my boyfriend.


My ideal date, assuming it’s a first date, would be in a quiet location where we can really get to know one another. The location the guy chooses says a lot about him because you can discover how much thought he put into picking that location - unless he’s too lazy to do it himself.


Being that I enjoy adventures and wouldn’t call myself ‘a typical girl’, I would enjoy a countryside hike or even a football game or fishing date because it involves a hobby and I know we'll both be having a good time.  


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