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By The Swag Team   -  March 16, 2015

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SWAG caught up with 27-year-old full-time Fine Artist and photographer, ALI BOSIOS. Harbouring an interest in a wide range of subject matters but with a penchant for erotica, Ali's got some interesting work to share with the world.



Tell us a bit about your education, your career and how you ended up where you are today.


From a very young age I was fascinated with anything relating to the arts and hence I have always swayed in this direction. Luckily my parents have supported my calling and never once have they tried to stop me from whatever I was pursuing. I consider myself to be a Fine Artist and not 'just' a photographer. Nowadays, anyone and everyone can grab a camera and proclaim that he or she is a 'photographer', without any other talent, just by holding the camera.


I have a Diploma in Design Crafts and a Degree in Fine Arts, both acquired at MCAST. Studying Design Crafts has helped me to produce props and have an eye for detail, and Fine Arts has given me the necessary knowledge to detach myself from the point-and-shoot photography concept, to actually stage the shot and creating something which gets the viewers thinking – at least I hope so!




What kind of photography are you interested in?


I shoot just about anything, however I’m more inclined to work on portraiture, fashion, erotica and nudity. Recurring themes are identity, distortion, sexuality and abandonment, most of the times merging these traits. I love getting to know people from behind my camera lens and I tend to lookout for out-of-the-box individuals, with a story to tell. As for locations, given the nature of most of my personal work I prefer to shoot in derelict places; for their character and the fact that my models would need to feel comfortable and have some sense of privacy.




Are there any photographers that have inspired you?


One of my all-time favourites is Jan Saudek, from Prague. There are similarities in our work; from the types of characters we capture to the recurring backdrops. I tend to look at other people’s work to see what has already been done, not to emulate but rather to produce new work.




What's your current project and the latest news from your career?


For the last couple of years I’ve been looking into various perversions in human sexuality, and I’m currently dabbling in BDSM (bondage & discipline and sadism & masochism – Ed) and Shibari (Japanese bondage – Ed).


For me, the journey of discovery is a big part of my work; from researching the subject, to planning and styling, and actually shooting. There’s also a collaboration with an ex-lecturer of mine, relating to ceramics, however I cannot divulge any information as yet!


I’ve held various exhibitions; collaborations and solo shows. My solo shows tend to be just for one night, emulating a one night stand. I’ve had the pleasure of exhibiting my Gas Mask Collection in Paris, 2009; one of the photos was chosen to be part of a standing exhibition, Provok 3.




What camera equipment did you start off with?


In my early days I used to ‘borrow’ my parents camera, nothing fancy. I then got a Nikon Coolpix, which was just a 4 megapixel. I used to capture whole shoots with this camera, and I did so for a couple of years.




What camera equipment and accessories did you progress to along the way?


I have always been an avid Nikon fan. From my Coolpix I got a Nikon D80 and fairly recent I got a Nikon D800.




What equipment do you never leave the house without?


My eyes and mind. I’m always on the look-out for inspiring scenes, people and situations.




What’s your ultimate photography gadget?


I’m not the type that is affected by gadgetry, however since I got my 50mm lens I’ve found it very difficult to use any other lens!




With regards to equipment, what’s your advice to aspiring photographers?


I firmly believe that it’s not the equipment which makes the photo, but rather the eye of the artist behind the camera.



Ali is in the process of collecting data for an upcoming artistic work. You can find her survery HERE and it would be great if you filled it out.



You can find out more about Ali through her websiteFacebook, Behance, Vimeo and her blog. Check out examples of her work below. Some images may offend so do not proceed to see them if you are of a delicate nature. We advise that you don't try and mimic the poses involving plastic sheets at home.


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