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By Mila Camilleri   -  March 18, 2015

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Christian Azzopardi and Marc Henry Schembri, better known as the Wobis Duo, are a couple of young 20-something DJs from Gozo. SWAG got the scoop on how they paired up, what their future plans are... and clarified that contrary to popular belief, they are not life partners.



When did you decide to go into music together?


We’re a bit like salt and pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We stick together in sickness and in health, in clubbing and in good times, in studying and business ventures. We’ve often been mistaken as brothers or as partners. You get the point! Chris was going to a DJ lesson back in early 2005 taught by a Gozitan legend: DJ Rewz. I didn’t even want to go at first; but then we saw an art full of expression we just had to learn and preach.



Who are your favourite artists?


Harmonic and progressive mixing are our kind of endeavours, leaning towards the realm of House: deep, soulful, Tech house and Techno. We love instruments and African beats, as well as raw instruments. We search for a journey in mixes and music, so the list would include the likes of Hernan Cataneo, Henry Saiz, the Pachanga Boys, Tale of Us, DJ Ruby and Nima Gorji to mention a few. Another style we experiment and love the feel to it is Electroswing. Parov Stelar here is king.



Tell us about your shows and the clubs you perform at.


We mainly perform in Gozo. We are residents at the Piano Lounge, which is a really sophisticated yet welcoming Club. La Grotta, Ku Club and La Grotta Club are amongst the most prominent. We’ve also featured at Sky Club and mainstream joints at Paceville.


We have our own showcases with our own promotion: Full Moon Promos. Our events are multifaceted. The Funkphenomena showcase features Tech House music mainly and we’ve invited local star Jewel Kid a couple of years back. Our Electroswing series are a real hit in Gozo and we’ve really worked up a crowd with this one. We’ve also got a range of underground Techno events with the Uprising series, and more commercially acclaimed parties in which we have also invited international DJs such as Flic Flac and De Hofnar.



Is music your a full-time job?


No, we both work with the National Secret Force... FBI / CIA stuff. We therefore cannot disclose any more information.



What has been the biggest event you have been involved in?


Our own showcases in which international DJs were involved, but we’ve also warmed up for The Prodigy thanks to Knockout Events. We’ve had the pleasure to work with great local artists such as Ruby, a great inspiration, as well as Duncan F, Carl Bee and the crazy dudes behind Sunglasses at Night and Electroswing Malta. Last year we also performed alongside Alex Chappel and Mr Scruff at Sunscape Festival whilst also featuring at the National Notte Bianca in Valletta welcoming people into the city with an Electroswing session!



What would you say is the one thing that hypes up any crowd?


A good tune – and your reaction to the crowd!



What’s the fastest way to lose a dancefloor?


By losing the crowd’s trust…



What have been your most memorable and worst moments performing so far?


The best moment in DJing is when you fit in your slot and do what you’re supposed to do. When we warmed up for Prodigy we literally got everyone moving. Not too much, but mainly excited them so that they bit the big bone with the main artist. That was fab. When we perform at our annual boat parties in Gozo, our job is to wreck the place. We are really at one with the crowd and we let it loose. Once you see 1000 smiles in front of you jumping up and down, that’s when you know you’ve done your job.



Where will you perform next?


Our Electroswing series continues on 21 March at the Grand Hotel in Gozo, just a stone's throw away from the Mgarr Ferry. Also, our main events are coming in the summer; you might want to visit our page: Full Moon Promos for more info. And you’ll definitely see us at the Piano Lounge in Gozo.



Check out the guys performing below. You might want to skip to 1:57.

Techni-Color After Movie


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