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By The Swag Team   -  February 12, 2015

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Photo credit:  Gianfranco Stellini

Last week we featured her sister – now it’s time to focus on the younger Agius sibling: a home decor show presenter, cookbook author and fellow-presenter of the babefest that is television’s ‘Ilsien in-Nisa’. Boys, give a warm, SWAG welcome to Malta's version of Nigella Lawson: PAULINE AGIUS.


Hello Pauline! Let’s start off with a rundown of your education and how you ended up where you are today…


Hello SWAG! Well, I had pretty much the same educational background as most people my age, having biology and chemistry as my chosen subjects to study besides the compulsory ones. My parents used to believe I'll end up working in the medical sector but I must admit that as much as I loved biology I never pictured myself in that field.


At the age of 12 I started attending drama school and by the age of 18 I was already on television presenting my first programme, ‘Changing Rooms’, which was aired on TVM. I immediately fell in love with media and grew fond of the work both in front of and behind the camera. This led me to study Communications at University. Meanwhile I also started my first experience co-producing a daily afternoon TV programme on Net TV called ‘Siesta’, which was presented by my sister Clare.


What have been your best achievements so far?


What I love most about my achievements is that I have worked with some of the most talented people on the islands over the years. The energy and enthusiasm I have come across in the past 13 years is what kept me going and wanting more, and for this I feel blessed.


I have had the opportunity to work on a spectrum of projects, all different from one another and all with their own journey and beautiful memories. One career highlight was when, surprisingly enough, I launched my own cookbook, ‘TAKE15’ which came about following the huge success of a 15-minute cooking programme I was involved in. There was such good feedback about the recipes that I decided to take up this new challenge and launch my first cookbook that I proudly call my highlight as it was a different project from everything I had done before. 


What is the latest news from your career?


I'm currently working on three different programmes, all being aired on ONE, so my hands are quite full.


I love co-presenting ‘Ilsien in-Nisa’ with my sisters, the biological one and Claire Agius Ordway, who I consider my adopted sister, and we work so well together that I love every minute of this project which has been going on for over three years. It's a project that gave presenting a new dimension as it is a very different discussion programme from the ones which we are used to seeing on TV.


As a producer and presenter with a passion for home design and decor, I decided to take on a new project in October 2013 called ‘INDHOUSE’. This one takes up most of my time but it's so rewarding thanks to the massive feedback from the viewers – after all, we Maltese are quite the home lovers and thanks to my professional guests we manage to cater for all tastes in design and always bring out the latest innovative trends and products on the market.


Last but not least, I'm also involved in another team production, ‘Il-Vjagg it-Tajjeb’ being my new baby for 2015. It's about travelling which includes many tips and teasers from various countries and cities around the world... I'm loving every minute of it so far! 


What about your ambition and plans for the future?


Well, when you work in this industry, it's quite a tough question to answer as you'll never know what's coming your way next. So when it comes to the near future I'm happy to continue building on all the projects I'm currently involved in and who knows, maybe also take up new and interesting ones that will add spice to my career.

And now, for something a bit more personal. Who is your ideal man, and what must he do to win you over?


I'm done with the searching: I got him, my very own husband! We drive each other up the wall sometimes but the deep feeling of loving someone in that special way and of sharing your life is enough for me. The best part is that he always knows what to do and how to woo me so I prefer to keep his methods a secret.


I guess when you mature you realise that there is no such thing as the 'ideal man' just as there isn't any 'ideal woman', so I like to think of it as a perfect match of two characters coming together who are prepared to go on a long journey together, grow old and let the future prove they made the right or wrong choice. 


And finally, tell us about your favourite type of date night…


A relaxing one and if possible out of the country – so quite an expensive one! But back down to earth, an ideal date can be at home with my husband. I get to spend so much time outdoors that I’ve grown to love relaxing indoors when my day is over. So watching a nice movie, eating a homemade pizza, in front of the fireplace and under a blanket is more than fine for me.


And like this I can have an ideal date quite frequently and not just once in a while, right?

An interview with Pauline that is available on Youtube

Another interview with Pauline that is available on Youtube - this time she is interviewed with her sister Clare.


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