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By The Swag Team   -  February 09, 2015

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Photo credit:  Mia Scerri

ALBA FLORIAN VITON was born in Madrid, Spain, 22 years ago. Her father is Maltese, her mother Spanish and she came to live in Malta with her family at the age of five. Since she then she has made a name for herself appearing on stage and on TV. But, she tells SWAG, her real love is physical theatre.

I was born into a family where theatre was a predominant topic because my father had studied the subject in Russia for six years and now works as a drama teacher and director. My mother enrolled me in a course of physical expression at the age of four and since then I have always been involved in both conventional and less conventional performances. I've also done some TV and short films.



I studied at the Drama Centre and also got a B.A. Hons degree in Theatre Studies. During my degree I trained in physical theatre with Dr Nicole Bugeja and still do so in fact. I am now trying to take that particular branch of theatre very seriously and will be doing a Masters on it abroad next year.



My inspiration for physical theatre comes from Roberta Carreri and also the theatre group Gecko. In conventional acting, my favourite artist is Penelope Cruz.

In my opinion, my greatest achievement so far has been setting up my own theatre company, Wi111ow Theatre, a hybrid of conventional and physical theatre. However, I think that TV viewers know me most for my acting role as Elaine in the first season of the Maltese series, It-Tfal.

At the moment I have just started
directing and performing in a physical theatre and poetry project, which is a collaboration between Wi111ow Theatre and the writer Miriam Calleja. This project is still very much at an early stage. I also have two short films coming out very soon, one directed by Mikiel Camilleri Haber and the other directed by Jameson Cucciardi. Also, I am taking part in another abstract short film which will be released this July with Mia Scerri and Angele Galea.



Just last week, whilst filming a piece of the short film I am doing with Mia Scerri and Angele Galea, something very amusing happened. The film is mainly based on improvised acting, so whilst I am in character, I have to do whatever comes naturally to at that moment. Suddenly, the character I was portraying got the urge to cross the road whilst taking selfies. This 'character' stopped all the traffic in order to do so… None of the drivers knew it was part of a film so they got quite annoyed.

My biggest ambition at the moment is to get my Masters in Physical Theatre and start working as a performer with a touring physical theatre company abroad. Then I would like to try my luck in European cinema as well. Basically I just want to perform as much as I can.

My ideal man has got to have gallons and gallons of sense of humour and passion, two very important keywords for me. He must be in love with what he does, preferably something in the arts. He must also have a great deal of self confidence and personal independence. He must also be ready to respect my space and my career, because those two things come first for me. And also, very importantly, he must be tolerant and open minded. He must make me laugh like there's no tomorrow to capture my heart. By the way, I hate going on dates… I prefer things happening out of the blue. I like it best when things happen out of a sudden impulse...

An excerpt from one of the films Alba is involved in.

Another excerpt from one of the films Alba is involved in.


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