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By Colin Fitz   -  February 05, 2015

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Photo credit:  Alexandra Pace

CLARE AGIUS: TV presenter, producer, movie star, stage diva, yoga instructor and pilot. SWAG is honoured to interview one of Malta’s top female talents.


Hello Clare. Please take us through your career so far… 


Hi SWAG! Well, I was a maths and physics lover in my teens, which led me to study them at A-Level as I always wanted to become a pilot. But then I stumbled upon the stage at age 15 and I was consumed by it. I proceeded to slowly fall in love with the arts and out of love with mathematics, only to resume my love for flying when I reached my thirties, and it was then that I got my private pilot’s licence.  

By this time I had over 15 years of acting, presenting and producing experiences under my belt. Today I call myself an actress, TV presenter and producer and a pilot. I also studied yoga and qualified as a yoga instructor, but I don t teach… I practice instead.

Are there any TV and theatre stars who have inspired you over the years?  


Of course! We all have idols that change as we grow older and wiser. I remember growing up lusting over ‘Top Gun’, more over the aircraft than Tom Cruise actually... Equally inspiring was Madonna and her creative and expressive ways which lit the fire to my own budding career.  

In my early twenties I was drawn to the films of Pedro Almadovar who always chose very particular women to star in his movies. I guess that kind of passion and colourful emotional displays have always been what I look for when choosing to play a role on stage or in film.


What have been your best achievements in your media career so far? 

The role I played in ‘Simshar’ no doubt about it! This film enabled me to bring out the best of my acting abilities, not to mention that it has by far been the most successful project for me on an international level, having enjoyed lots of attention and great reviews in Hollywood… it even participated in the race for the Oscars!  It’s still showing at the cinema here, but soon it will go international as director Rebecca Cremona is working on a deal with distributors.  


From the theatre audience, I had received good reviews for my Juliet in Shakespeare and Salome’ in the Oscar Wilde play, and I guess people who watch TV would pinpoint when I played Rita in ‘Il-Madonna tac-Coqqa’ as my biggest success. It still airs today 15 years after it was shot and I still get people commenting about it.  


The TV show I am currently on, ‘Ilsien in-Nisa’ is also very popular. It’s currently on every Thursday night on ONE TV at 9.30pm.


Can you recall any amusing stories from your career so far?


There are tons of funny moments that remain with me – and new ones are created every week as ‘Ilsien in-Nisa’ is broadcast live. A couple of Thursdays ago, for example, we had a hilarious moment when I asked Claire Agius Ordway to pour us some whisky and as she had never poured a Chivas Regal whisky before, she could not figure out what to do when she tipped the bottle and nothing came out! She cracks me up so often it’s hard to keep count!


What about the future for you?


There’s always something exciting that presents itself, but nowadays I'm finding the skill to not be consumed instantly and choose my projects more carefully since spending time with my family is of utmost importance. Having said that, I will always have my finger in more than one pie because TV is my financial sustenance whilst film and theatre are my passion. I’m particularly eager to learn more about film, and there is actually something good brewing on that front.  


Who is your ideal man, and what must he do to woo you?


Well, I tend to go for character as opposed to looks and you can tell from the different looking men I’ve had relationships with. After years of relationships with some great guys from whom I learnt a lot, even about myself, I met my husband at a time when I was, for the first time, ready to settle down.  


We happened to fall in love and felt the same way about what we wanted so that is a very important factor in my ideal man: that we are in synergy. Then there’s humour, sensitivity and respect that top my list of the ideal man. But all this without chemistry is nothing…


And finally, what’s your ideal date?


A lovely meal with good conversation and a few laughs is more than perfect right now! I tend to enjoy that regularly with my husband, after which we find ourselves looking forward to the next morning to wake up and play with our son!  


Another good ‘date’ is putting Luke to bed and enjoying a movie with the fireplace on while sipping a nice glass of wine. And throwing in some dark chocolate in doesn't harm either.



Thanks Clare: we hope Simshar makes you an international star as well as a local one!

The trailer to 'Simshar'.

Clare in a clip from the 2000 series 'Il-Madonna tac-Coghqa'.

Clare in one of the 'Ilsien in-Nisa' show openings.


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