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By The Swag Team   -  January 14, 2015

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Photo credit:  Matthew B. Spiteri Photography

The popular fitness guru, former model, media personality and all-round nice guy XANDRU GRECH has recently hit the big 40. To mark this event in his life, SWAG has teamed up with Primo Emporio menswear of Bay Street for an indepth chat into what makes him tick. Check out our exclusive photoshoot of Xandru sporting Primo Emporio attire below.



To start off: tell us, who is Xandru Grech?


I am like all human beings. We are like the weather. Multidimensional. I have my ups and downs, highs and lows. I love life and realise it is a constant character builder. I guess the sad moments also form a very important part of the chapters of my life. Like a book there are pages I prefer, but each and every word completes the whole book.



Why did you accept to represent Primo Emporio in this feature?


I like the product, the product’s philosophy and the team behind the brand so it was an easy decision to make.



Where are you from?


I live in Mellieha but I moved a lot as a kid so don't really have a home village or city.



You are known as a TV personality but you first caught the public eye through your participation in various sports. What do you consider your biggest achievement in this field? 


There are different answers to this question. It depends on the tangible or the spiritual. My biggest achievement has been to overcome my fears. To have achieved more then I had anticipated to achieve. To have managed to push myself beyond physical and mental limitations I had imposed upon myself. However I could also answer that the National records, medals in the Small Nations Games, the Athlete of the Year award and the Matthew Micallef St John Award are also my biggest achievements.



How did you go from sports and modelling to being such a recognized personality?


I guess the more sports and media I did, the more recognised I became. It was a journey where people my age saw me grow up. The transition of all the stages of my life until now. I guess if you love what you do, and do it with an energy and a passion that is beyond normal, others will start to notice and recognise.



You run a gym called Move in Ta’ Xbiex. How is your gym different to all the others?


I am trying to imagine what the future of fitness could look like, and trying to shape it. Trying to be 'the future', today. I have future generation machines that can give full work outs by only spending 30 minutes on them twice a week. Life has become hectic and everything is becoming less and less personal. So I try to give amazing work outs with just one hour a week of commitment, and all very personalised. In a nutshell: 30 minutes of innovative workouts with personal trainers on the best machines in the industry. 



What are your plans for the future?


I hope to remain an athletics coach. Also, apart from the gym, I have recently joined a company that is involved in different projects, including fitness. My role is that of business development officer... times are really exciting.



What has been your biggest satisfaction in life so far?


This is a big question and I doubt I will manage to answer it at the moment. However, in brief, more then one particular thing, I am satisfied that any bad things that I have come across have not tainted my outlook on life, which is to have motivation and be the best that I can be.



Any regrets?


I don't regret having done anything but I would change a few things. One sometimes does not think things through or acts on instinct or impulse. I would like to change the reaction to certain actions in the past. However, if I acted that way it means I wanted to do it, so I cannot regret that.



Who are your idols?


Throughout my life, family has played important different roles at different stages of my life. Apart from them, I would love to have a dinner with Muhammed Ali, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Alliende and Jesus.



Do you have any favourite quotes or sayings that serve as a mantra?


There are many. There is one in particular, on the lines of "Give me the courage to change the things I can change, the patience to accept the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference."



What do you like to do in your free time?


Although I am considered to be a very sociable person, I love spending time alone. Free time is usually time to reflect about who I am and what I want, and my strengths and weaknesses. When not alone, I spend time with friends and loved ones. I also love to travel and music can really dominate my emotional levels.



If there was another career you would have wanted to pursue, what would it have been?


Maybe a motivational speaker full time, or a talent scout, a musician or an author of novels packed with imagination, because I love making people feel great, I love talent, I love music and I love places and characters that only exist in our minds.



As a motivator and fitness coach, do you have any advice you can offer SWAG readers? 


Don't live in the past. Remember you can be whoever you wish to be. Don't become what others have labeled you. Don't forget that we are the masters of each and every choice we make. Last but not least don't load yourself with unnecessary stress. I wrote an article recently about how really and truly, all we need in life is to breathe. Everything else is self-inflicted.



To conclude, if you could describe yourself in just three words what would they be?


I am ‘Me’... but I suppose that doesn’t say much so here you go: ‘Intense’, ‘Passionate’ and ‘Non-judgemental’.



Go to the Primo Emporio Facebook page for more information about the brand. All photos by Matthew B. Spiteri Photography. All make-up by Carmel Vella. Photos taken at The Palace Hotel.


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