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By Mila Camilleri   -  December 23, 2014

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Photo credit:  Marc Stafrace the Nightlife Photographer

SWAG caught up with Perpendicular's co-founder DJ Carl Lautier and got the low down on his career, from how he got his start in the industry to his most memorable moments so far.



When and why did you get into music and DJing?


I got into the electronic music scene in my late teens. I was obsessed with Hip Hop and Metal as a kid but as soon as I started hitting the clubs there were certain elements in the basslines that moved me in a way I never felt before. Also being in a club full of people who appreciated the same music, and all in sync, really felt good. I would wake up the next day searching for these tracks all over the Internet and just fiddling around with them on my PC. I spent hours searching for music and learning about the history of the genre, in the hope of finding more music I could play over and over during the day.


This quickly motivated me to learn how to beat match in order to continue enjoying this music to the full. I spent all my savings, pocket money and stipends buying records. I played for hours every day for two years in my bedroom until I started getting out there to play for fun at my friends' birthday parties. I could not help but notice the way I could change their expressions, movements and behaviour while dancing. This was an incredible feeling, and I started getting the attention of a few ears present who invited me to play in their events and clubs again. Since then I have never looked back!



Who are your favourite artists and why?


The list is never ending. Speaking of Electronic music of course, I can never deny the impact Steve Lawler had on me. His ability to build the most intense and energetic sets is beyond my understanding. Nowadays I find myself still in search of raw and old school music with values. I will always consider DJ Pierre as one of the most innovative artists out there, as well as being the godfather of Acid House music. As for other acts, I'm always a sucker for anything by Moderat, Aphex Twin and Massive Attack. I'm sure there are loads worth a mention but I'm into all sorts, so narrowing a favorite may take me years.



Tell us about your shows and the clubs you perform at.


I think I have been blessed with a number of opportunities in Malta and Gozo and I'm proud to say I achieved it all by myself. I have had no help to kick off playing in clubs, I was happy just jamming with friends and in my bedroom. I then started getting residencies in bars and later on in clubs. Through the years I've had the pleasure of playing for small intimate crowds, as well as in front of thousands of people at festivals and larger events.


After gaining more confidence in the clubs I got together with two friends of mine and hosted a small event for 50 of our closest friends, named Perpendicular. The vibe was surreal and our friends kept asking for more and spreading the word. Our seventh year of Perpendicular is approaching, and each and every set has been nothing short of phenomenal. The feeling of playing for such a crowd is overwhelming and makes up for any of the bad gigs I have throughout the year.


Later on I was also given the opportunity to play at larger venues thanks to Fresh Events, as well as join the largest underground summer club night, Gringos. Although I do play week in, week out, I never turn down an opportunity just because it's not peak time or not at a desired club. I have always embraced the opportunities.



Do you have a job apart from music?


Yes, I work full time!



Do you find a conflict between your day job and your DJ job?


None at all. It does get tiring sometimes to juggle between them and could really affect my social and personal life, however everyone around me is always very understanding and supportive.



How big is the market for your kind of music?


The underground music scene is not a very big one here in Malta, due to the size of the islands. Also, throughout the years it's become more common to throw an event or name yourself a 'DJ' and everyone wants a piece of the cake. So no, not a very big market!



What has been the biggest event you have been involved in?


Again, I would have to mention Perpendicular, as it's my baby and one of the strongest underground events on the island. Definitely not the biggest crowd I have played to or biggest festival I was involved in, however seeing your own creation mature and grow into what it is today makes it my biggest achievement.



Have you met or worked with any top names?


My years on the scene have given me the opportunity to meet some of the most influential artists in the scene today. The list is endless so there's no point in starting to mention them, but I'm happy I remained in contact with a couple, sharing new music and keeping up to date with the scene from their end. It's also great to attend festivals or parties abroad and get the opportunity to catch up again.


I met all sorts of artists, from the most annoying and stuck-up ones, to the most humble people I could ever cross paths with. Some were a lesson to what I should never be, and some were a bigger and better inspiration to motivate me to keep doing what I am doing.



What have been your best moments performing so far?


One great moment was warming up for Charlie May, followed by Len Faki at the Tear It Down festival a couple of years ago. More favourite moments would have to be at Perpendicular gigs. I can remember each and every emotion felt when dropping certain tracks. The smiles on everyones faces and their energy was really out of this world.


Some other great moments are my back-to-back sessions with like-minded DJs. Playing at clubs together while talking about the tracks we're dropping really does it for me. I've no issues sharing the stage with another DJ, I was never in it for the attention, although I must say I'm overwhelmed with the increased respect and support given throughout the years.



Where will you perform next? 


You can find me at Fraktal Presents The Northern Lights on Christmas Eve at Razzet l-Ahmar.


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