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By Mila Camilleri   -  December 02, 2014

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Photo credit:  Luke Engerer

We here at SWAG enjoy meeting stylish men of all types and ages, and we’d like to introduce you to JAMES DIMECH, an interior designer with a love for art, design and animal welfare. When he’s not creating beautiful interior spaces, James is working to provide children with playful interaction with animals at the President’s Kitchen Garden in Attard.



James began our chat by describing his style as “casual, classic, functional and above all, appropriate” for his environment and activities.


We asked him when he began to appreciate fashion. 


“Ever since my childhood I guess I've always had an eye for fashion. But I started to really appreciate it in my teens, in the early '90s. Even though male models and fashion in general weren’t really popular in Malta, I still steered towards it and I took part in my first fashion commercial at the age of 18.”


For James, style doesn’t define him as a person, but rather it reflects his personality and interests. “I have a love for art and design, and you can’t be into creating style without loving it,” he commented.


“I follow men’s current fashion but my style develops as I discover more about myself. I take from what’s trendy and fashionable, but I always adapt it to suit me… my style begins and ends with me,” he answered when asked about fashion trends.


Shopping options for men in Malta are often quite a sore subject among interviewees... but you might be surprised to learn that for James, shopping isn’t a great love.


“Where I do my shopping is a question I’ve been asked several times, and to be honest I try to avoid it or not give details,” he laughed.


“Not that I have anything to hide, but I rarely go shopping for clothes for myself. I go with relatives and friends to help them out with their shopping, but hardly ever for myself. My favourite clothes were bought unexpectedly, mostly by driving past something interesting in a shop window. It can be a shop in a village far from a main shopping area or a warehouse sale with different brands. Knowing what to pick at these sales can be very convenient,” he explained.


We asked whether he purposefully developed an individual style.


“Not really. For example, it comes naturally to me to pair pieces together to create a cohesive, stylish outfit. I do it all the time in my job designing living spaces. I always say to my clients that if there’s no harmony in an interior, your eye will tell you. When an environment or interior is pleasant to the human eye that means it’s good, no matter if the style is your choice or not.


“I guess this applies to fashion too. In my case, people around me made me realise that I do have a particular personal style, and I admit that I try not to go out of the house if I feel like I’m not looking put together. I don’t dress the way I do to intentionally attract attention to myself,” he smiled.


Dressing to please oneself can sometimes result in backlash from other people so SWAG asked James if he’s ever received any negativity.


“Not really, because as I said earlier, I make it a point to dress appropriately for the activity. Even though it’s important to be myself and comfortable in what I’m wearing, I try to keep in mind where I’m going and who I’m going to be with. Plus, I believe that as long as you wear your size – not two sizes bigger or smaller – you cannot go wrong. The way your clothes fit you is crucial in looking good."


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