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By    -  November 13, 2014

SWAG has teamed up with Primo Emporio menswear of Bay Street for a series of interviews with prominent Maltese men who are making waves in their field. This week we spoke to CARLOS FARRUGIA, the popular TV and stage actor and model. Check out our exclusive photoshoot of Carlos sporting Primo Emporio attire below.


Let’s pretend we’re meeting for the first time. Who is Carlos Farrugia?


Who is Carlos is rather a complex question. I would describe myself as a free-spirited person, living my life following my own set of rules and standards.


Although I have aspirations and strive to attain prospective goals, I also live everyday as if it were the last. Over time I came to appreciate that we are only granted one life, so I push myself to make the most out of what I am blessed with today.


In a nutshell Carlos is: a businessman, a performer, a director of an acting school but ultimately an ACTOR.


Those closest to me know that I take pride in the fact that I am from Malta's capital city. I cherish a lot of beautiful memories of Valletta, and im glad it’s returning to be the Capital of the People.


As for family, I have one elder brother and am blessed with the two of the most loving parents one could ever wish for.



If you could describe yourself in only three words what would they be?


Actor, freedom and prosperity seeker.



Where did your passion for acting come from?


My very first time before an audience was actually in the modelling world, and it was this industry which kick started my theatrical career. It was during a particular fashion show that I was approached by Patrick Borg from L’Estile to play the part of Jesus in a film production.


Although I must admit that I was taken aback by this offer, I found the proposal to be intriguing and exciting. After the film wrapped, I was offered to play the same role, this time on stage. I can safely say that the moment I set foot on that stage I realised that from that moment onwards, theatre would become my life.



What do you find are the biggest challenges faced by those involved in the arts in Malta?


Although one cannot deny the fact that progress has been made from a cultural perspective in Malta, the biggest challenges the arts encounter remain grounded in monetary and financial problems. Passion is the primary key in the arts, followed by persistency and a high level of commitment.



Some people would argue that there is no future in acting in Malta and the quality is of TV drama is low – do you agree?


I wouldn’t go as far as saying that one is doomed from the start if he or she wishes to pursue a career in acting in Malta. Yes, there are hurdles to overcome, and yes this industry might be more challenging when compared to other more conventional ones.


However, I strongly believe that one’s passion and love for any type of art will beat any obstacle. And with regards to the quality of drama, I disagree that it is of inferior standard. I have seen that even with a tight budget some of us can organise ourselves and produce high-level productions, acclaimed by audiences and critics alike. When given the appropriate budget for a production, Maltese artists find themselves on the same playing field as foreign well-established artists and can compete better.



Who are your idols?


I wouldn’t say I have idols per se, but rather people who inspire me in my everyday life and career. These characters vary substantially, from Jesus Christ from who inspires me with the simple life lessons of his teaching, which I attempt to apply while teaching my drama students. On the other end of the spectrum I am driven towards the musician Marilyn Manson and the way he never thinks twice before expressing himself in his own unique way. In films, Johnny Depp and Gary Oldman are the most influential actors to me.



Was there ever a moment when you lost faith in the world or in someone – an experience that crushed you?


In my opinion, when something or someone hinders you from expressing your true self, that’s the moment where one hits rock bottom. Alternatively, when one manages to overcome this situation, that is the exact point when one gains back the strength to embrace his or her life
and his or her true personality.



You recently played the role of a Maltese drag queen, Didi Peach, who used to live and work in Valletta. What was playing that role like?


Like other roles I played in the past, I followed the same process of digging deep into the character and stepping into the shoes of a drag queen. Obviously this character presented itself in a more challenging manner for I had to get in touch with the attributes, mannerisms and distinct features of the opposite sex. It was an overwhelming experience, one which will certainly leave its mark in my theatrical career.



What has been your favourite role so far?


I’ve enjoyed being in controversial plays that strayed from traditional and conservative ideas, such as ‘Ir-Rghajjes’, which was based on the Gospel of Judas. Another play which stirred up some controversy was ‘L-Elett’, in which the character of Jesus was executed in an unconventional manner: on an electric chair.


Although there were several other roles that I have enjoyed, some of which won me awards, such as Sergio in 'Gizelle', the role that has remained closest to my heart is undoubtedly whenever I have played Jesus.



If you had to do something other than acting what would it be?


I’d be a musician, which still is on my to do list, or I’d do holistic therapy.



What are your plans for the future?


To continue developing my acting qualities and to continue pursuing my mission to promote drama as a medium for people's personal and social growth and their fulfilment. 


Go to the Primo Emporio Facebook page for more information about the brand. All photos by Matthew B. Spiteri Photography. All make-up by Carmel Vella. Photos taken at The Palace Hotel.


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