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By The Swag Team   -  November 06, 2014

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ELEKTRA ANASTASI is a 28-year-old with an Italian mum and a Maltese dad, whose striking looks and acting talent has seen her starring in several high profile stage roles as well as playing an important role in a Hollywood movie. She tells SWAG about the highs and lows of her career so far: from being directed by a top international director to being sick in front of a theatre full of auditioning actors.


Tell us a bit about your career and how you ended up where you are today.


I have always been attracted to the Arts and to the creative side of things. I never warmed to subjects like maths and sciences at school. I felt like my brain was dying on me… I have yet to put Pythagoras’ Theorem into practice in my life so far, what a waste of time that was! 


In a nutshell, I have worked in my family’s business for numerous years, and in between also had a business venture of my own, which was opening a fashion store with upmarket brands; but I wrapped that up a few years ago due to the biting recession. I learnt a great deal in building my own business at a young age and it helped me develop better business acumen. You win some and you lose some.


What have been your best achievements in your media career so far?


I have studied and been involved in theatre for many years and had many memorable experiences, but the one I learnt from the most was a theatre production called 'Blackbird', a two-hander in which I shared the stage with Manuel Cauchi.


On the film front, my most memorable moment so far would have to be acting in 'The Devil’s Double' beside Dominic Cooper and being directed by film industry veteran Lee Tamahori.  I hope that a new experience in the near future may top it.


I think I am most-known for being an ‘individual’. I have never conformed to trends nor followed the majority just because it was fashionable or safe to do so. I’m a Taurus and as the cliché goes, I am as stubborn as they come. If somebody intentionally makes me see red I will bulldozer them!


Joking aside, I have always been regarded as a trustworthy individual. I have no problems speaking my mind and standing up for things I believe in. I do have a softer side which I reveal to those who are worth it. These are qualities I take pride in being known for amongst the people who know me well and who are a part of my life.


Are there any media stars that have inspired you and who you try to emulate?


I appreciate all talented actors, both old and newcomers to the industry. It is always enjoyable to watch powerful performances that are realistic and immerse you into a new story.  These people always inspire me to do better and to learn more about my craft.


That said, I think it is important to work on ones creative individuality rather than to emulate others. It is what separates us from one another and makes us unique in our own way. This in my opinion applies to everything.


What is the latest news from your career?


I finished a Masquerade theatre production a few months ago called 'FESTEN - The Celebration'. A very different piece to my previous satirical performance of Naomi in MADC’s ‘Secret Bridesmaid’s Business’, which was a hilarious comedy directed by Chiara Hyzler with a wonderful charismatic cast.


'FESTEN' was a theatre adaption based on the award winning Danish Film and was directed by Stephen Oliver. I played the role of Helene, it was a very dark and intense piece of theatre.


I recently also attended an acting master class in Prague held by Emmy nominated casting director Nancy Bishop ('Mission Impossible IV', Roman Polanski’s 'Oliver Twist', 'Prince Caspian', and 'The Bourne Identity'). I set up a meeting with her and together with Maltafilm, a local production company, we looked into organising the workshop in Malta. I was glad that the outcome of the course was a success and was helpful to the local as well as foreign actors who attended. 


It has been a very busy year for me especially in the last few months, I have also been travelling a lot so It hasn’t been possible for me to take anything else on. However, I do have some potential projects in mind and I am excited to see what next year has in store for me.


Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories from your career so far?


The most embarrassing story I’ve got for you is my audition recall weekend at the Bristol Old Vic theatre school in the UK a few years ago. I think this experience scarred me for life!


The recall weekends are very intense and run over a three-day period where the actors have to perform their materials to different tutors. Unfortunately, during my stay, I fell very ill. I got through the first day but by the end of the second day my face was beginning to turn green. I was sitting in the back row waiting for our last tutor to wrap up his speech about the third and final day. He finally walked out, I stood up, pushing through all the actors sitting in front of me ‘Bridget Jones style’.


I finally reached the front row, it felt like an eternity. I stumbled to the centre of the room and spewed up all my Wagamama noodles I had eaten for lunch. The room fell silent and you could hear a pin drop. I turned around and seeing all these shocked actors faces I felt mortified. To make things worse, the only person who approached me was this really handsome young guy, bless him.  He held my hair up whilst I finished the job. He then even offered to help me clean up! I thanked him but refused and was left alone with a bucket and roll of toilet paper. Tragic.


Who is your ideal man, and what must he do to woo you?


I got lucky on this one, I met my man seven years ago in a Valletta street on a cold December day, whilst being lost walking to the set of a project I was working on at the time. I thought he had the prettiest green eyes I’d ever seen. The story is all very romantic, it is a pity I can’t bore you to death with it all. He did all the right things and the rest is history. Now let’s hope I haven’t jinxed it with this interview…


To answer your question, he must be tall dark and handsome, have a sense of sarcastic humor, be ambitious, not be a boozer because I find that incredibly unattractive and has to have an exorbitant amount of patience to put up with me.


What’s your ideal date night?


I am quite a traditional romantic so I like to be surprised and pampered. I am not fussed about the location of a date as long as it doesn’t translate into McDonalds… or sky diving as I would probably pass out in mid air and it would be an epic fail.  Set me up a surprise dinner with good conversation under the stars with an great view and I will be a happy bunny.

Watch a short film that Elektra took part in.


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