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By The Swag Team   -  October 10, 2014

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Sabrina Spiteri (Left) And Lynn Cefai
Photo credit:  Silvio Farrugia

LYNN CEFAI and SABRINA SPITERI are among the six Maltese girls who have been chosen to pose with the top six European drifting cars in the European King of Kings Calendar 2015, following the massive drifiting event held at Hal Far last weekend.


This is the first time that Maltese girls will be official models on the European calendar. The six girls were chosen by P&S Promotions, an organisation created by Paul Busuttil and Silvio Farrugia whose aim is to promote Maltese models for TV advertisements, magazines, calendars, and events. 

The six were the official car paddock girls of the King of Kings event and were seen by millions of TV viewers around Europe.


“We organised 12 promotions before the event where all the girls who took part were judged on their confidence, model looks, personality and promotional skills,” Paul Busuttil told SWAG.


The first placed girl would win the right to pose with European drifting champion Adam Kerenyi on all European billboards, magazine and TV promotions and also in the official advertisement for next year’s King of Kings event. She will be also the first girl to feature in the the European 2015 King of Kings calender alongside the top drifting car of the year and its driver.


“In the end, we concluded with a top six – and I must say that it was a fight to the end between the top two contestants, Lynn and Sabrina, as they both received a very high number of points,” he added.


The final positions were the following:


1. Lynn Cefai
2. Sabrina Spiteri
3. Antonella Mizzi
4. Lisa Vella 
5. Claudine Fenech
6. Bernice Vassallo


SWAG spoke to the top two girls and found out what makes them tick.



I am 22 years old and was born in Fgura, where I have been living all my life.


At the moment I am student in an A-level accounting course, while working fulll-time as a customer accounts officer.


My modelling career has not been a long one… Actually this is the first time I put myself out there for any modelling. I was interested because it wasn’t a catwalk event or a standard modelling competition.

I love cars and that’s another reason I was convinced to take part in this event. It’s one of Europe’s largest car drifting competitions and it was an honour to be a paddock girl.


I admire Ira Losco for her ambition and her achievements but I am not trying to be like anyone. I am Lynn and I like who I am.


I’d like to thank Paul and Silvio for giving me such a huge opportunity. I have learned more about myself especially that I can be a great promo and photo model. People’s feedback was really amazing.


I like a man who takes care of himself. He also has to have a good heart, be caring and thoughtful. He has to be outgoing and fun; someone who knows how to love and respect his lady unconditionally. And to win my heart he must love cats!

I love surprises! I like it when a guy plans our date all by himself, but if I have to choose I would choose a date on the beach at night with a bottle of wine and some nibbles and getting to know each other.




I am 18 years old and live in Qormi. I was born in Pieta'.

I am an MCAST student. Currently I am doing my second year of an AAT course that is based on accounting. I also have a part-time job at Kiabi.


I've been in the modelling scene since I was 13. I started with beauty contests and have won several titles. The ones I cherish the most are my first beauty contest: the Junior Miss Maltese Beauty title and the Miss European Malta title as I had the opportunity to represent Malta in Portugal.

My plans for the future are to become a professional promo girl with P&S Promotions, whom I thank for giving me this opportunity this year. I also aspire to compete in the Miss Malta contest next year.


There are no particular artists or models that inspire me but at the same time there are many, as I try to to take the positive from each and every individual.


In my eyes, the ideal man is surely my boyfriend haha! The man who absolutely wins my heart is the honest one who I can completely trust with not even the smallest doubt.

I think that every woman loves a romantic guy. The ideal date for me is a walk by the sea at night ending with a posh dinner in a restaurant with a beautiful view accompanied by some delicious wine.


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