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Tags:   Fashion,   Hair,   Tattoos,   Clothes,   Style

By Mila Camilleri   -  October 08, 2014

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Photo credit:  Gianfranco Stellini Photography

Myles Azzopardi is a 20-year-old style rebel and guitarist for Maltese band Milk Mi. He's known for his bright hair and punk wardrobe, so SWAG thought he’d be a perfect addition to our Check My Style archives.


“I really don’t like using labels,” commented Myles when asked to describe his style. “But if I had to say, it would be a mix of punk and hardcore. A typical outfit for me would be skinny jeans, possibly ripped, with a t-shirt and hoodie, and then topped off with a beanie if I’m having a bad hair day.”


We asked Myles when his interest in fashion began. “It all started when I discovered music in 2007. As a performer, it’s so important to have an image,” he explained. “Back in the day, I used to Google-search fashion ideas, but I eventually developed a style which worked for me. It’s safe to say Google doesn’t do the work for me anymore."


“I know it’s cliché to say, but fashion is everything. You’re judged every day for whatever you do,” he said when asked what personal styles mean to him.


“You’re judged by the clothes you wear, your hairstyle, the car you drive – everything. In my case, I’m a punky public transport user with piercings and colourful hair,” he joked.


When it comes to personal style, being trendy isn’t always a prerequisite.


“I always do my own thing – trends change too often to keep up with, so I just do what feels good for me and change my image when the time is right. It’s been about six or seven years since I developed my awareness of fashion trends and my own interpretation, and it’s worked for me ever since," he explained.


“Although I love my personal style, I don’t feel the same way about shopping. I mostly buy plain t-shirts from local shops but when I’m shopping from abroad I really like the brand Killstar, especially their Ts and sweatshirts. I also like to make my own clothing, with some help from my mum. I’m quite proud to say I’ve made several jackets which I’ve worn during Milk Mi performances.”


Myles’ style isn’t what you see every day, so SWAG asked him how he developed his non-mainstream style.


“This is an easy question to answer,” he said. “Myles and Mainstream don’t really go together. I’ve always wanted to be different and have a distinctive lifestyle. I think it’s interesting, and being different puts across what I’m all about – being fun, creative and exciting."


We asked him if he’s ever had any embarrassing style moments, and he was man enough to admit that he had. “I really wish I wasn’t asked this question but it’s too funny not to mention,” he cringed.


“I used to wear girly, patterned leggings,” he admitted. “I’d like to emphasise the words used to.


Finally, SWAG asked Myles if he’d ever been at the receiving end of negative comments.


“I’ve had a lot of negative feedback and it’s not always about my choice of clothing, but more about my piercings and hairstyle. For example, people remind me every single day that my ear lobes won’t shrink back to normal when I’m sick of my gauges. I’m also reminded about my hairstyle. It’s literally been every colour on the chart. I sometimes work with Maria’s Salon and on occasion, when a customer asks for a new colour, she looks at me as if I’m the colour chart,” he laughed, before taking his leave of us to return to yet another band rehearsal.


Myles went on to conclude; “I don’t really take the negativity to heart. I don’t find it offensive. Just like someone might express themselves through music or writing, I happen to expresses myself through body art”.


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