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Tags:   Babes,   Relationships

By The Swag Team   -  September 25, 2014

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Photo credit:  Leslie Spiteri

The 25-year-old from Mtarfa's hilarious daily Facebook posts had inspired us to create the Aw Lily article that has proved to be one of SWAG’s most popular so far. As her fans, we also adore her daily selfie posts, so we decided it was high time to give her a feature all of her own.


Just to be clear, I’m no catwalk model, although I have entered a few competitions, and finished first runner up in one of them. But in the past year I have found my passion in another line of modelling: fitness modelling.


The amount of motivation you need to get your body in great shape for this type of modelling is huge and I can only thank my wonderful personal trainer Leslie Spiteri for this.


Fitness modelling means getting up at 5am for training most days and eating only the right food. I remember once I had started to think I couldn’t do it any longer… The workouts were too severe and painful, and the diet too strict… but once my body got used to it, it became something I lactually ook forward to. The results are there. I feel more alert, and healthier. Apart from my job, I have never taken anything so seriously in my life before.


After finishing secondary school, I worked for seven years as a sales assistant in a classy lingerie shop. But now I am lucky enough to be able to say that I work as a personal assistant to one of the top make-up artists in Malta, Diane Nikolic.


When I started with Diane I had no clue what running a beauty salon was all about. I had always loved the beauty industry but this was my first experience. Diane believed in me and I’m definitely one to take up new challenges without fear.


In this job I have to be on my toes all day, but it’s very rewarding. I take care of courses and the running of the salon; I make sure all the paperwork and accounts are in order; I create competitions and I take care of our social media and advertising campaigns. Diane is very creative and that’s another one of the reasons I love my job – you never know what is going to enter her head and there is always a new experience to face.


I’m a fan of Emily Sky a health and fitness model, as well as of Sally Aponte. I love her body and seeing pictures of her motivates me. Muscially I like Nicole Sherzinger, but mostly I admire our very own Ira Losco who I have always looked up to. Ira has achieved so much and yet still kept her feet firmly on the ground. I’m lucky enough that through my job I get to see her very often at the salon.


Who is my ideal man? Well, since I’m still young, I’m still one to go for the looks and good body, even though I know, deep down, that the most important things are great character, a good heart, respectability and bla bla bla… but I have to be honest here okay?


In Malta we have a saying: l-ewwel ma tiekol l-għajn... and I must admit I do love a good lookin’ fella, with all the abs and so on… but only if he’s not one of those pretentious ‘I know I’m good-looking' type of guys. I think he has to charm me by being humble and take me for a nice romantic dinner. Wait, who am I kidding? I’m no softy, I love having fun and listening to music so I guess if a guy wants to woo me then he has to take me dancing!


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