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By The Swag Team   -  September 12, 2014

Local fashion brand RECURED has taken the country by storm this summer. Currently offering a selection of t-shirts, tank tops and hats, the company has made use of local iconography that has given it a certain edge. The young team of entrepreneurs behind the brand is keen to continue its evolution so SWAG had a chat with them to find out where they’re headed.

Where did the name Recured come from?


We used a little bit of Google random word generator to get the name actually. The word ‘recured’ then developed into our slogan ‘be the cure’.


How many people are on the team and how did it come into being?


Initially the team consisted of four people, but it’s steadily growing. As collections grow, the new dimensions the brand develops need more people to work and perfect the product. Now we’re a steady team of eight people who are each working collectively to bring together each department.


What are the average ages and the main occupations of the team members?


We all are around 19, with the majority of the team’s members still working hard at the University of Malta, all juggling the strenuous task of keeping up with studying and dedicating time to the brand.


Where does the inspiration for the designs come from? And why the local iconography?


The team, especially the dedicated design team, like to break the habit of taking things at face value, especially ones with a local twist. Everything can look good and the design team strives to transpose these things into everyday urban apparel. Besides, a little bit of national pride never hurt anybody and (former President) Agatha Barbara looks good, so it was a natural choice.


What are your ambitions for the brand?


One important thing our team has learned is that the brand is built by our customers. Really and truly we’ll go as far as the customers will take us. It’s also important to take things step by step and introduce new concepts to the Maltese market. A private island in the Caribbean won’t hurt though, but joking aside, a lot is in store.


How has the public received the brand?


Sales are the most interesting part of the brand. Observing people trust a product repeatedly energises our team to utilise our capital to develop and grow. The projections for the Fall collection are very exciting. What’s important most of all is brand awareness. We want the Maltese population to be comfortable wearing Recured which, until now, seems to be happening.


Who have you noticed is buying your products the most?


Surprisingly the demographics are quite widespread. Initially, the age group the products were marketed towards ranged between teens to early adulthood. This prediction fitted snugly with the actual sales patterns.


What do you have planned for the future?


We’re afraid you’ll just have to wait to find out. But we’re planning on expanding our base for the Fall collection. We won't simply be curing you just with tees - we’re growing.


Where can the public get their hands on your products?


Current and future apparel can be purchased from our webstore or from our local store Riot Boutique Café at The Plaza in Sliema. Anyone can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for daily updates on upcoming collections and other news and photos.


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