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By The Swag Team   -  August 28, 2014

SWAG discussed the merits of driving of a small car and easy parking with the former comedian-turned-suave-TV presenter, before he came clean about his ONE NIGHT STAND with Italian sex comedy legend Carmen Russo…

What was your first car?


It was a Datsun Cherry, which had also been my father’s first car! I remember falling asleep on the back seat as a child and even sitting on the back seat with my feet dangling not touching the floor. On the day I got my licence I was so eager to drive that I picked up a friend and went to Valletta and Sliema, the worst places to find a parking spot! I ended up scratching one side of the car to my father’s displeasure.  


What do you drive at the moment?


At the moment I drive an Opel Adam. It’s an awesome car, super easy to park, and it features a IntelliLink system that I can connect to my phone with voice commands. Sometimes I even send an e-mail while driving as I just speak what I want to write!


What kind of cars have you owned in the past?


Besides the Datsun, I had a convertible but I didn’t have much luck with it… water used to leak in from the soft top. It was the first car I purchased and I had wanted it badly but my father advised me not to buy it. It was a Citroen Pluriel but my particular one had all sorts of problems. Apart from water leaking, once the  computer locked and the car suddenly slowed down on a main road and refused to go faster than 20kph!


Do you have a single dream car?


At the moment I am so happy with the one I drive that I haven’t thought of another. I always dreamed of owning a four-wheel drive vehicle but considering my lifestyle and the island we live on I think its size would drive me up the wall.


Do you have a favourite TV or film car?


Knight Rider – Supercar. I was a massive fan of this TV show and when I was a kid I was 100% sure that I would be its owner when I grew up.


What have been your best and worst moments when driving?


The best moment was driving in Montenegro. All the roads have amazing views and it is one of the best places for road trips. The only crazy thing about Monetengro is that driving from one place to the next you would cross the border of three different countries easily in a span of 20 minutes. The worst experience was driving in Taormina. 


How are you at car maintenence?


Not good at all...


Do you have any favourite driving songs?


Calling out in the Dark by Snow Patrol.


Is there a famous road in the world that you dream of driving along one day?


Route 66 in America.


Now let’s talk a bit about your show One Night Stand on One TV – in which you interview women from various fields. How was the first season?


I got to meet some interesting female personalities who impressed me, and the fact that I got to know them really well and they discussed different life experiences they went through made the programme amazing.


Who were your most intriguing interviewees?


I found the interview with Gozitan singer Morena very interesting as well as the interview with Carmen Russo the Italian star. She’s a very down to earth person who is simply full of energy.


Hmmm, Carmen Russo, some nice memories there… How do you manage to get foreign celebrities to participate in your show?


Contacts with foreign celebrities come through persistency, loads of research and never giving up.


What were the most interesting things that emerged from the shows?


The most interesting things I learnt were how people deal differently with different situations in life. I also heard how people managed to find courage to move forward in the face of different problems, and also how many Maltese women have interesting jobs in the international show business world.


What is lined up for the new season?


Loads more female Maltese and international celebrities. One of the coolest things is that we’ll be doing special shows from different countries, meeting Maltese women who have built a successful life abroad. I am currently working on a Dubai special which will feature a woman who has worked for Emirates for the past 14 years; a young interior designer who designs for the royal family there, a woman who set up a dance company and the CEO of a PR company, all Maltese and all in Dubai…


One of the many episodes of One Night Stand available on Youtube...

This episode featured Croatian model Nina Moric


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