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Tags:   Fashion,   Going out,   Creative women,   Style

By Mila Camilleri   -  August 22, 2014

Malta is rife with talented people, and this time, SWAG is shining the spotlight on local fashion designer SEF FARRUGIA. With her forays into men’s accessory design, Sef has made quite a name for herself thanks to the use of luxurious fabrics and eye-catching patterns. She’s passionate about attention to detail and freedom of expression, which are qualities that appeal to the many men who sport her creations.

So, who is Sef Farrugia - designer?


Just like any creative industry, the path that you travel kind of chooses you. Throughout my life I’ve been inclined towards art and design, however I could have ended up doing other things completely different to what I’m doing today. I’m one of those people who is interested in pretty much everything from politics, to food, and even anatomy.


As regards to my education, I completed my BA (Hons) degree at Ravensbourne University in London. Prior to that I studied at the London College of Fashion, and locally at MCAST institute of Art and Design.


How would you describe your brand?


SEFFARRUGIA is a brand that gives great importance to detail and quality. It’s very much a reflection of me and my interests as a designer and a creator. It’s a brand which conforms only to its own times.


It’s still very much in its early stages, but I have a very clear understanding of the direction it’s going in. It’s driven by real love and passion, but I’m not one to categorize. Infact, I believe that a brand shouldn’t stick to something specific. It should reinvent itself, as should the people behind it. Whilst it may stick to it’s core values and what it stands for, it should keep evolving and developing.


Where do you get inspiration for your pieces and prints?


It could be from anything really: people’s stories, poetry, music, landscapes or even history. There’s no specific thing that I look at. I’m open to everything and always try to absorb every moment, wherever I am, so I can take something from it and use it in my work.


What are your favourite pieces to design?


I don’t have a favourite! I’m constantly trying to come up with new things that I can explore further.


When it comes to men’s accessories, they’re fun to make. Men find accessories just as useful as women do – they enhance their look in a subtle way, where they feel comfortable, yet also free to experiment.


What made you include men’s accessories as part of your brand?


I was always drawn to menswear, so accessories were a natural way for me to start. There are many men out there who look for something particular when it comes to accessories that they may not find, and I’m happy to provide them with it.


What SEFFARRUGIA accessories for men can our readers get their hands on?


At present, we’ve got bowties, ties, pocket squares, cravats and eye masks. They’re all designed and manufactured in Malta and most of all, we hand finish everything and use fine silks and fabrics. All of our products are very much limited in number.


What goes into making one of your men’s accessories?


A lot of patience, as we manufacture the product from start to finish in our small studio in Malta. Attention to detail is key, and most of all being genuine to the values which I’m trying to base the brand on.


Of course everything starts from research, and then moves on to choice of fabrics and prints, developing the idea behind it all, manufacturing and more. It can be quite a long process, because you’ve got to keep trying until you get what you’re looking for. Nothing is final; you can always improve, make changes and make it all better during this process.


What type of man do you think would be interested in your creations?


There is no particular man, I think. Anyone can take a bowtie or a pocket square and adapt it to their own personal style. I enjoy seeing men make my accessories their own and wear them in many different ways.


So far my customers have ranged from lawyers to insurance brokers, and university students to musicians and more, so you can see that I don’t have a specific man in mind, which I like very much.


I like the idea that my accessories appeal to a variety of men and not just a specific man. On the other hand, I can see how they may not be everyone’s cup of tea and for me that is also a positive aspect.


Your accessories make quite the statement. How do you suggest they should be worn?


I must admit that I like a scruffy pocket square, one that’s not too styled. I find it very spontaneous and fun!


Also, why not mix match the bowtie and pocket square? Sometimes it looks even better than matching it exactly to the bow tie print. Many of our pocket squares have multiple prints in one, so that it does not match exactly to the bow tie and also could be worn with multiple ones and on it’s own.


Find out more about Sef Farrugia's creations here.

A clip focusing on one of Sef Farrugia's collaborations last year


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