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By Mila Camilleri   -  August 07, 2014

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Summer is in full swing and we’re sure most times all you want to do is walk out of the house shirtless, sporting nothing but your swimming trunks and a pair of flip flops. But the heat is no excuse for such ‘fashion’ choices and to help you along, SWAG asked local fashion-savvy individuals to recommend some dos and don’ts in casual wear during the hot months. 

Summer is a great time to experiment with your clothing choices, even if it’s sweltering outside, according to blogger Lorraine Cini Delceppo. Just adapt your style to include lighter fabrics or take a look around at what successful men are wearing. Recent new trends in men’s fashion have been popping up, such as floral patterns and bright colours. Trends do tend to go out of style after a few months, but making the most of them in the moment is great, she says.


However, SWAG suggests looking into classic clothes that will see you through more than just one summer if you’re not totally confident with your wardrobe. Writer Iggy Fenech is a fan of boat shoes or moccasins and chino shorts, while fashion designer Sef Farrugia believes men look particularly handsome in a fitted blazer and a silk tie.


The overall consensus is that Maltese men are catching up to global fashion tendencies, but a majority lack personal style. Lads, there’s no shame in enjoying looking good – women shouldn’t have all the fun. But there are some things that need to be pointed out – like what not to wear.


Sef’s pet peeves include ill-fitting clothing. “If you’ve got to tug your shirt down to make it fit – it doesn’t fit,” she says in an exasperated tone.


“I’m not really a big fan of shorts, long socks and sneakers together. Apart from that, I would say avoid overalls,” comments Iggy.


Meanwhile Lorraine thinks that guys who wear their shirt over their shoulder or tied up around their belly like they’re about to partake in hula dancing are particularly unattractive.


Other items we suggest staying away from include extremely deep v-necks, mismatching shades of denim, socks paired with open-toed sandals, very tight skinny jeans and trousers low enough to show the world your rear end.


Now you know what to avoid, let’s move on to the fun stuff. On the top of the list of great summer apparel to invest in are chinos – both shorts and trousers.


Chinos are cotton bottoms, which are typically quite fitted and can be worn both formally and informally. They come in a range of summery colours and are great for adding classic style to your everyday wear.


The first runner up is a crisp white shirt. Every man needs a well-tailored white shirt; it’s the equivalent of a woman’s Little Black Dress.


Next are accessories like loafer shoes, a statement watch and a good pair of sunglasses. All these are classic wardrobe essentials that don’t seem like they’ll be going to go out of style for a while.


“For the man who is truly stylish, how about a nice walking stick – they’ve been staples for decades,”adds Iggy, although SWAG doesn’t see this trend catching on with the local average Joe quite yet – perhaps because we don’t do that much walking.


Summer in Malta means trips to the beach, and this brings swimwear into the equation, so we asked our fashion-inclined contributors to give us some tips for choosing swimwear.


Sef suggests “being truthful to yourself and being aware of your own body first, to consider all possible options,” and that “certain prints don’t work for every age.”


“Swimming trunks shouldn’t go too high above the knees, but ideally should stop at mid-thigh,” adds Iggy. Needless to say, Speedos and mankinis should be left to the Italians and Borat.


Of course, all this is only a guide – after all, personal style is something that you should determine for yourself. But these suggestions are a great starting point if you’re completely hopeless at fashion and style.




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