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By Mila Camilleri   -  July 19, 2014

Women are mysterious creatures with many qualities and peculiarities that have baffled men since the dawn of time. But one of the few things that men and women do have in common is that they both wear shoes. Luckily for us, not the same ones. Thanks to this fact, SWAG saw the opportunity to analyse women and decide if they're relationship material: through their footwear…


Just like a woman can make a snap judgement about you according to what type of footwear you are wearing, and what condition it’s in, you can pick up a lot about her from a woman’s favourite pair of shoes. Is she fashionable? What’s her background? How much does she earn? All this info can help you decide whether you’re compatible and whether she’s worth pursuing.


Obviously it’s a bit silly to generalize, because first of all nowadays we’re taught to not judge people from their looks and secondly because, from personal experience, we’ve realised that no two women are the same.


Notice details like the shoe’s colour, and whether it’s on trend (i.e. everyone else is wearing something similar) and whether it’s a designer make or not. An in-your-face colour or print usually means her personality matches her shoes. If they also happen to be a designer brand, then she might be more high maintenance than the average woman.


If her work shoes cost as much as an average trip abroad, then you can tell she probably takes herself, her work seriously, and, by extension, her relationships very seriously.


If you see her in a more relaxed environment wearing casual shoes, but that also cost a pretty penny, she most likely has so much money she doesn’t know what to do with it.


Super trendy shoes, maybe bordering on the ridiculous, might indicate that she’s got an over the top character and likes to make a statement. A handy tip: the wackier the shoe, the more unpredictable the owner.


High heels in general give off a certain confidence, but the type of heel can help differentiate between women. Stilettos that make you cringe in pain just looking at them suggest an outgoing personality, a flair for fashion and self-confidence. She’s the kind of woman who believes that beauty is pain.


A shorter heel means she’s not willing to deform her feet for the sake of looking fabulous, but she still wants to wear heels.


Wedges are a way to gain height but retain a certain comfort level. They are particularly effective on the beach, giving women height but still seeming casual and light. If she's wearing spike heels on the beach we suggest you run away, fast. 


However it’s sometimes suggested that striving to be taller could indicate insecurity or the need for self-improvement.


Knee-high boots are considered sexy confidence boosters, especially when they’ve got a prominent heel. If they're pirate boots, like Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman - she's a kinky one.


With ankle boots, it seems there are two schools of thought. One side says they’re fun and cute, whilst the other side believes they’re a sign of an aggressive woman. You know what that means – if she’s wearing ass-kicking boots, she’ll probably kick yours.


Conservative, uninteresting shoes belong to a woman whose priorities lie somewhere other than being fashionable. The same can be said about women who wear flip-flops on a daily basis or who sport shoes that desperately need a good cleaning. These types of women tend to be less intimidating, and may be the perfect companion to build a more friend-based relationship rather than a passionate one. But we have also read (somewhere or other) that women who don’t care about their shoes also have trouble with communication and forming relationships. So if she’s wearing dirty flip-flops she probably can’t string two sentences together and has no friends.


Flat sandals or ballet shoes are very accessible and suggest the wearer is down to earth. Comfort is important to her but she wants to be cute and she’s probably a nice girl.


A woman wearing a pair of trainers might at first glance give off a ‘comfort over style’ vibe, but in reality she might be an on-the-go kind of lady who genuinely needs shoes to run around in. We must point out that there’s a difference between white Velcro-strap running shoes and the latest Nike free runners. Branded shoes mean business, whilst the Velcro straps suggest a bargain shopper, to put it politely.


Having said all this, SWAG wants to make it clear that a lot of this is speculation. Unlike women’s magazines who have no qualms about slagging off men for the slightest fashion faux pas, we don’t want to sound like we’re dishing out advice that you should follow religiously.


If she seems nice and it feels right, then just go for it, we say. If you have a foot fetish on the other hand – or, er, foot, then perhaps you may want to learn this article off by heart.


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