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By Mila Camilleri   -  July 16, 2014

A man’s bachelor pad is his realm. We all know first impressions are important, so when he invites a lady friend over, the place needs to be presentable. After all, women’s opinions of what’s clean tend to differ from those of men. This can be a tricky topic, so here’s SWAG’s advice on keeping your bachelor pad in tiptop shape.

It’s said that men can’t see dirt, which is why women clean more efficiently, but we want to change that. Come on lads, there’s no shame in getting down on your knees and polishing your floor. Even if your home isn’t a sprawling villa, you should make an effort to keep it looking as great as the day you moved in. 


Single men are notorious for having messy living quarters. If you’re not part of the majority, you deserve a pat on the back, but if you are, pay close attention. There are some very simple things you can do every day to help you get into a cleaning routine.


The first thing is making your bed. The ‘but it’s only going to get messed up again’ excuse doesn’t work anymore. How do you expect a woman to join you under the duvet if it’s a tangled mess? Making your bed literally takes seconds, but they’re seconds well spent. Don’t forget to change your sheets at least every week too. 


The second thing is investing in a clothes hamper. Avoid the messy clutter of dirty boxer shorts and wet towels strewn around your room, and instead put everything into a laundry basket. You’ll also find that laundry day, whenever that is, will be easier because you’re not running around picking up clothes, smelling them to check their potency and then shoving them into the washing machine. 


Organise your drawers and wardrobes because she WILL peek inside at some point.


Another tip is to wash dishes right after you’ve used them. Not only will you avoid a mountain of washing up to do at one time, but you’ll also avoid stinking up your kitchen – and filling it with those annoying baby flies that always turn up.


If you’ve got a dishwasher, use it to store and dry dishes rather than leaving them all over the counter top. The ‘cleaning right away’ philosophy can also be applied to putting away jackets or shoes when you get home, and storing any equipment you may have, such as smelly gym gear.


Unpleasant odours are just as bad as a messy house. Smells give away the last time you really cleaned the place, so beware. A fresh, clean house will impress the ladies, so air out your home by opening windows for a few hours or invest in a fancy air freshener. Take out the rubbish regularly, and clean out your fridge and cupboards – especially if you’ve got old fruit and veg. 


If you’ve got pets, clean up after them often. Sweep that fur off the floor and clean out any litter boxes or cages every few days. 


Your home should be ‘homey’, so decorate it with pieces that reflect your personality, like personal photos, tasteful posters, funky artwork, little trinkets and gadgets, and, especially, books. Your furniture should match and not seem like it was picked up at various flea markets. 


Having an impressive selection of books that give insight into your hobbies and interests lets visitors know what you’re into and can be a conversation starter. You want your lady friend to think you’re well read and smart, so bin the How Not To Get Caught Cheating manual. 


Now don’t take this the wrong way, there’s nothing wrong with collecting things, but when your collection starts to take over your house, you might want to tone it down. Shelves filled with figurines and cartoon posters covering your walls aren’t going to thrill most women. Remember The 40-year-old Virgin


Bathrooms. If you really want to wow the opposite sex, consider doing these things: cleaning in and around the toilet, including the back, wiping down sinks and mirrors to remove any hairs and other gross bits, always having toilet paper in its proper place, and clean towels and hand soap readily available. Shining those taps with a spray on cleaner won’t go astray either.


You should also have a well-stocked fridge in your kitchen – not just junk food and beer. 


You should be looking at washing the floor and windows at least every couple of weeks, but if you’re really lazy and you can afford it, get yourself a good, reliable cleaner to come to your bachelor pad once or twice a month. Your place can never be too clean, but this should be a last resort though. You’d be surprised how satisfying it is to look around your place and see how sparkling clean you’ve made it, and your lady friend will certainly appreciate it. 


So, now you can light a couple of scented candles, and wait for her to turn up.


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