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By Colin Fitz   -  July 14, 2014

The TV star, stunt car model and all-round good time girl tells SWAG about how she might have made it to Hollywood but for a tragic twist of fate.


Most small town girls (in Malta’s case, read small island girls), dream of becoming a star of the big screen or the catwalk, or of lighting up the charts with their music at some point or another.


But never did Rebecca Dimech think that her local stardom gained from appearances in TV comedy shows, advertising campaigns, hostessing at VIP parties involving the likes of David Guetta and Armin van Buuren and leaning out of drifting car windows would one day actually lead to the possibility of that dream coming true – and in her favourite film franchise at that.


“I’m going to tell you something that only my close friends and family know,” she tells me in a conspirational tone as we are discussing her ambitions over a coffee. People, particularly men, openly stop and stare as we chat – she has stunning, somewhat sensual presence as well as a well-known face.


“I was chatting with a friend who works in the movie sector late last year. He’s worked on loads of movie projects abroad. I happened to mention how much I enjoyed the sixth Fast and the Furious film, and he shocked me by replying: ‘I know their casting director – I worked with her last year'.


“My jaw dropped, and I couldn’t believe what was happening when he offered to contact her. He e-mailed her there and then and – would you believe it – she replied in five minutes to tell him they were looking for a Hispanic-looking actress!”


The die was cast and Rebecca was booked for an audition to be held in Dubai on 19 January. But tragedy struck within four days of that conversation, as she was looking into booking her flight.


“I got a call early on a Sunday morning from the friend, asking if I’d seen the news. I hadn’t so he asked if I was sitting down… He told me that Paul Walker, the star of the films, had died in a car crash.


“I was crushed, not only because this would mean I had probably lost my chance, but also because I had lost one of my heroes who had kept me company through the entire Fast and Furious saga since 2001.”


The disappointment comes through in her voice, and those captivating eyes start to well up, as they did that January morning.


“I lost the chance of ever meeting him – soon after the casting department was told that Paul’s loss changed everything, including the film’s plot which had to be rewritten.”


And that was that, at least for now, with regards to Rebecca’s international ambition. But she’s not the type to stay down for long.


“I now have something big in the pipeline but I can’t give away anything for now. Let me just say it’s going to be fun to watch,” she grins flirtatiously. And all is well again.


When you meet her it’s not hard to understand why this brunette girl has become so popular. But how did it all begin?


Her Facebook fan page states she was born in 1984. Her father has Scottish ancestry while her mother has French and Spanish blood somewhere along the line.

“I’ve been mistaken for a Pakistani, a Pole, an Arab, a Brazilian and a Spaniard – no one gets my nationality correct while I’m abroad and they try and guess,” she grins.


“I was never a school fan – in fact I was a bit of a troublemaker in my school days. I always knew I wouldn’t be going for a desk job so once I finished school I did what I really wanted – I did beauty courses. Now I’m a beauty therapist and am specialised in the make-up sector.”


Her style has been influenced by the music she listened to while growing up: Tupac and other hip-hop, Rihanna, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and Pink.


“But I also like some classical piano and violin music. I’m a person with a lot of different hidden passion and personalities, like my movie idols: Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Monica Bellucci and Michele Rodrigues,” she insists.


We conclude with a rundown of the qualities that make Rebecca Dimech’s ideal man. It’s quite long I’m afraid. She is a picky one.


“I like dark and really nicely tanned guys, but Paul Walker would have taken the cake from all of the good-looking tanned boys hands down,” she giggles.


“My ideal guy has to be good looking. It’s important for me to feel attracted to the person I am with all day and all the time so yes, I won’t apologise for wanting him to be good. He must have a nice toned body, be tall, have a full head of hair and smell good all the time.”


The girl loves to dance so if her man has the moves, it will win bonus points.


“He must also know how to carry a conversation, make me laugh, know how to get along with my awesome, mental friends, he must love animals, mustn’t swear, must believe in Jesus, support me in the things I do, do sweet things to keep the romance alive, and know how to protect me if I need it,” she concluded, ticking the list off on her long, slender fingers.


And with that she’s off, leaving in her wake a fair number of appreciative glances from other tables and me to lament my woeful performance in ticking the boxes of her dream man list…


The photos of Rebecca were taken by Noella Agius, Eman Borg (ECARO), Karl Alin Galea, Ian Pace, Alison Mckay, Damien Pace, JRC and Christopher Stephenson.


Check out snippets of Rebecca's TV and car stunt work


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