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By Colin Fitz   -  July 10, 2014

SWAG meets MIKAELA, the performer with the unmistakable voice and dramatic look of the band Hex Omega, whose impact on the Maltese music scene belies the fact that she's only recently turned 21...

So, Mikaela the rock singer and dedicated rocker. How did it all start?


Hi SWAG! I’ve been studying music since I was a kid, with my voice and piano as my instruments. There were a lot of performances chucked in in between lessons, starting from little contests to musicals to big stages to huge stages; and then I started performing solo and in bands and doing collaborations. Now I do all of them together! Apart from music I studied Chemistry, Biology and Physics and they eventually led me to qualify as a Lab Technician.


Which moments from your career so far stick out in your memory?


Well, one of them would have to be my recordings at Sarm Studios in London, when I was still 12 and had won a Pop Idol audition. Then there was my first single launch in Johannesburg, South Africa during the World Song Festival; my first gig with my band and as a singer at Xirka Rock; Rockestra; winning the Best New Artist Malta Music Award 2010; the Best Female Artist 2011; Malta’s Export Artist 2011; the Vodafone Artist 2011; studying at Berklee College Of Music in Boston, USA and my performances there; the Manoel Theatre gig as Mikaela & the Side Effects; the Gensna Rock Opera; and performing at the Farsons Beer Festival with my band Hex Omega. I’m quite happy with what I’ve achieved up to my 21st year…


Who has inspired you over the years?


Some are more prominent than others. Musically, Keith Emerson, Mikael Akerfeldt, Zakk Wylde, Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix are up there.  I also look up to bands like ELP, Opeth, Black Sabbath and AC/DC. The influence isn’t onlymusically but also ethically for what they represent and what they achieved out of where they emerged. The freedom of their ideas and the power of their music made an impact not only on me but on generations of people.


What is the latest news from your career?


My current project is the band Hex Omega. I sing and play keyboards; Anthony Micallef is on guitar, Kurt Dimech plays bass and Max Vassallo is on drums. Our genre is a cross between the band member’s influences, mainly having progressive metal integrated with piano licks and heavy guitars with asymmetric structures and experimental rhythms. Our debut was at the Farsons Beer Festival in 2013, which was a blast in every way. At the moment we’re writing new material to be performed live for the first time at Raging Waters, a pool party metal festival happening on 9 August at the Caribbean Club, Birzebbuga kicking off at 1pm.

This is a project by my partner James Horton which I am heavily involved in too.


Can you share a particularly memorable story from your career so far with SWAG?


I remember when I was in South Africa to perform I got sick as I wasn’t accustomed to the potable water they have there. I lost a lot of weight quickly. When the day came to go on stage, I realized that because my dress didn’t fit me anymore it had gone down quite a few inches revealing some… well... skin and other things while I was on stage. Good thing I noticed, but I suspect it wasn’t before some members of the audience had seen something they appreciated…


And finally, what about future projects?


In a nutshell my ambition is to release music with Hex Omega in next few years, hopefully an album, as well as my own solo releases which may take a different direction. I also aspire to move abroad some day. I just want to live a good life in which I would eventually be happy to have experienced everything that I planned to do, treasure what I would have came across and be pleased to have gone every place I wanted to venture to.



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