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By The Swag Team   -  June 11, 2014

Since the dawn of time, men have been caricatured as beasts, driven only by an inherent and unquenchable desire to 'spread their seed' and find as many partners as possible, while sweet, demure women desire only monogamy and emotional intimacy. But two bits of news that have spread like wildfire in the last 24 hours have come together to help disprove this myth once and for all.

The first item concerns reports in various distinguished organs about a treatment, reminiscent of Viagra but aimed at women, that has seen successful trials and may soon be available in pharmacies.


What would women need with ‘female viagra’ we hear you venture?


Well, apparently, some women suffer from something called Female Orgasmic Disorder, which means having difficulty reaching orgasm. Experts claim around one in five women report having difficulty reaching orgasm.


The condition may cause women pyschological distress, in the same way as the various conditions men may experience in bed do.


With this in mind, Tefina has been designed to combat low levels of the ‘sex hormone’ testosterone, an absence of which has been linked with poor libido, and thus difficulty with achieving orgasm.


One interesting aspect of the story is the fact that the product will need to be ingested through the nose, which may mean that anti-allergy nasal sprays will never be viewed in the same way again.


Apparently, Tefina has no side effects, a claim the Canadian makers are making after they subjected 253 female volunteers to 84 days of research aimed at establishing whether the treatment increased the frequency of orgasms.


Nice work if you can get it.


The other earth-shattering news doing the rounds today concerns the American writer Daniel Bergner, whose main area of study is female sexuality.


Again, why didn’t they tell us we could grow up to do this on school careers day?

But back to the news at hand. In an interview with Britain’s Daily Mail, Bergner asserted that: “one of our conventional assumptions – that women are biologically programmed by evolution to be less promiscuous, less assertive, and less driven sexually – is a myth.”


Furthermore, the idea that women are 'biologically programmed' to be monogamous is supported by very little evidence and this gets in the way of serious understanding, he added.


His book on the subject, called What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire, has just been reprinted by Canongate Books.


In his book, Bergner shoots down all the theories we’ve come to generally accept– or perhaps been led to believe – over the years. For example, he calls the assertions that women want less sex than men, watch less porn and that their desire is sparked by emotional intimacy ‘myths’.


On the contary, he writes, a woman can be just as much of an 'animal' as a man when it comes to sex and her desires can actually be a lot more wild and unpredictable.


He claimed that a group of women undergoing scientific tests were turned on by all sorts of videos they were shown. Straight women got turned on by another woman exercising naked. Lesbian women got turned on by seeing men having sex with each other. Even the sight of apes having sex was a turn on for a significant number.


In the clip below, the researcher explains the tests that were carried out to determine the sort of things that get women aroused.


If you want to read more, Bergner’s book is available here.


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