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Swag Online Mens MagazineSwag Online Mens Magazine


One small step for man, one giant leap for Maltese mankind.

Welcome to SWAG, the first and only online magazine dedicated entirely to the modern Maltese man.


When we aren’t busy fighting off hangovers, faking illness or forgetting to come into work entirely, we are busy writing articles, carrying out interviews and trawling the Internet for stories on topics men actually care about.


We’ve got women, we’ve got gadgets, we’ve got sport, we’ve got food. We’ve pretty much got the lot, all wrapped up in one pretty little, user-friendly website. Then there’s the competitions. Never in the history of Maltese websites have so many been given the chance to win so much by doing so little.


It goes without saying that although we are striving to be perfect, in typical male fashion we will probably fall short. So give us feedback on anything and everything we do. Tell us if there is a topic you think we should cover. If we’ve got something horribly wrong, let us know. Just be gentle. We can get very emotional about these things.


SWAG is updated throughout the day so you’ve no excuse not to come back and visit us regularly. What the heck, open us up in your browser and leave us running in the background. We won’t tell anyone if you won’t.


That’s about it from us. So stop reading this hastily thrown together nonsense and get your teeth stuck into the quality content.


Sit back, click and enjoy.


The SWAG Team



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